What is Spotify for kids and how is it different from regular Spotify?

Keeping your kids safe online is one of the toughest jobs facing parents in the 21st century. Across millions of websites and apps, there’s something out there that your kids shouldn’t read, see, or hear. Just look at the music — it’s easier than ever to hear songs that talk about things they’re not ready for.

If you are concerned about your child’s musical taste, then Spotify for kids an effort. This brand new alternative to the complete music streaming service locks down its music library, offering only safe and kid-friendly alternatives, but it’s no different from the Spotify experience main?

What is Spotify for kids?

The Spotify Kids service is not a standalone service but is available as part of a more extensive Spotify Premium Family subscription ($14.99 a month). This gives parents control — you can limit your kids’ listening habits and limit them to safer, family-friendly songs and music.

The service boasts thousands of songs that have been specially curated by Spotify’s own “experts” for kids to listen to. There are different categories, with music for kids under 6 as well as categories for kids under 12.

It also includes controls that let you lock down which genres an account can listen to, whether it’s a category for older kids (under 6) or older kids (up to 12). Unlike standard Spotify, Spotify Kids accounts are locked — unable to show anything other than the ad-free, age-appropriate music content that Spotify chooses for the Kids app.

The Spotify Kids app is only available on mobile devices — you’ll need an iOS or Android device to be able to listen to it. You’ll also need to create a Spotify Kids account, which is linked to your Premium Family subscription.

Is Spotify for kids really safe for kids?

Well, the safer the better! Spotify is following other major services like Netflix and YouTube in launching a kid-friendly alternative to the main service it offers. That doesn’t always mean the service is safe — For example, YouTube has faced issues with unsafe content appearing in the YouTube Kids app.

However, unlike YouTube, Spotify Kids content is not selected by an algorithm. According to Spotify, their own team has curated all the music available to kids in the Spotify Kids app. No adstoo, so your kids won’t be exposed to any external content either.

With parental controls that you can lock with a PIN, you can even set limits on the music in the app — for example, younger kids can stay away from teen music.

That means you can rest easy, although you should still test the app yourself before handing it over. If you have any concerns, take a look Spotify Premium Family Terms and Conditions before you sign up for the service.

How to create a Spotify account for kids

To create a Spotify Kids account, you’ll need to use up one of the slots available on your Spotify Premium Family subscription. As a Premium Family subscriber, you can have up to six family members associated with your subscription.

  1. To get started, download and install the Spotify Kids app on Android or iOS device. When you launch the app for the first time, you need to register an account — press Log in and sign in with your own Spotify Premium Family account first.

    Only account managers can log in, so make sure your account has access privileges to do this. If you don’t already have a Premium Family membership, you’ll be prompted to upgrade at this point.

  1. You will be asked if you are the appropriate legal guardian for your child. Tap the check box, then tap Continue proceed with.
  1. Spotify Kids requires a four-digit PIN to restrict access to parental controls in the app. Type this in, press ALRIGHT to continue, then repeat the steps to confirm the PIN is correct.
  1. You will be able to create a Spotify Kids account at the next stage. Enter your child’s name in the box provided. You can also provide your child’s date of birth, but this is still optional — enter your child’s date of birth. When you’re ready, press Continue proceed with.
  1. As we mentioned, Spotify offers two categories of music for kids. Clap Sounds for older kids if your child is 5-12 years old (or older), or Sounds for young children if they are up to 6 years old. Press Continue to move on to the next stage when you are ready.
  1. You can set an animated avatar for your child at the final stage of setup. Choose a character you (or your child) like, then tap bookmark button to finish the setup process.

Once you’ve chosen a character avatar for your child, the account is set up. Your child can start using the app to play music, by selecting a category or by using the search engine.

How to Access Spotify for Kids Parental Controls

Sometimes, you may need to modify parental control settings in the Spotify Kids app. You can do this if you want to create another Spotify Kids account, change your PIN number, change the type of music your child can listen to, or delete the Spotify Kids account entirely.

  1. To do this, open the Spotify Kids app and tap the character avatar icon in the top left. From here, press Parental settings button. You will need to enter your access PIN to gain access.
  1. If your PIN is accepted, you’ll be able to view various details about your Spotify Kids account. Clap Change battery if you want to change your PIN or tap the account listed in Child account to make account-specific changes.
  1. In the account settings for a Spotify Kids account, you can edit the name or date of birth set on the account using the text boxes provided. To change the music genre, press Change Under Content settings part or touch Delete to completely delete the account. Touch bookmark button in the top right to save any changes.

Play Safe with Spotify for Kids

With Spotify for kids, you can be sure your kids aren’t suddenly listening to adult-only content. If you’re worried about the TV, you can also lock Netflix to stop filtering adult shows.

For parents, peace of mind is everything, but don’t forget to get the most out of your own Spotify Premium Family account by using these little-known Spotify tricks to get the most out of the streaming service. your favorite music.

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