Three unique, free fitness apps to get in shape for 2019

Run a mile: test. Do 50 push-ups: check. Plank in a minute: check. Back to your former inactive state after just one week of exercise in 2019: check.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, it’s not too late to come up with a fitness-focused resolution for your New Year (don’t feel bad, it’s the easiest workaround for most). we).

Getting in shape doesn’t have to wait until 2020. With the right coaching, guidance and encouragement, you can become a role model for fitness goals achieved just before New Year’s Eve 2019.

To hit your goals, you can give it your all and start paying for gym memberships, personal trainers, and diet plans – or you can keep your wallet. Lose fat while losing weight at home with any of the best fitness apps available on smartphones.

There are hundreds of great fitness apps out there, it can be hard to choose the best one, especially when most of them offer the same benefits at different subscription prices.

That’s why we’ve picked three of the most unique, free fitness apps that offer some of the best benefits here. If you’re ready to conquer fitness in 2019, download these fitness apps and get to work.

Nike Coaching Club: Your Workout Library

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Maybe you’re still going strong with a new diet or healthy eating habits but can’t find the time to stay active? You definitely don’t have time to go to the gym and sure, you can do some basic exercises at home, but you feel limited in terms of the type of exercise you can actually do in your living room. me.

As one of the most popular fitness apps out there, Nike Training Club is like having a personal workout library that you can view and download at any time. With over 185 free workouts across all major exercise categories, including strength, endurance, mobility, and yoga, you’ll never have a hard time finding a routine – Fitness Club Nike image brings them all together for you.

The important thing is that most of these exercises are bodyweight-only exercises so you can get in shape quickly without spending hours in the gym with machines and weights.


When it comes to exercise selection, Nike Coaching Club tailors your experience when you sign up based on your gender and how many workouts you typically do or are likely to do each week. The more you work out with a fitness app, the smarter it gets on which habits to cater for.

Training process

You can let the app suggest routines, or you can choose your own, browsing by muscle group or workout type. Within each category, the app provides multiple exercise routines with information such as how long the routine takes, the level of experience it requires, how intense it is, why the type of exercise works. good activity, what are the health benefits and whether it requires equipment. .

You can also view workout collections where the fitness app incorporates a variety of related processes that you can follow to achieve your specific fitness goals.

Jam, Shop, Follow and Post

The Nike Fitness Club comes with a number of extra features that make it more than just a single library of exercises and multiple fitness apps. Some notable extras include:

  • The ability to sync specific tracks from your device, including from Apple Music and Spotfiy, to ensure you always have the right tracks for specific habits
  • Visit the Nike Coaching Store, where you can purchase your favorite Nike gear in-app to make sure you’re comfortable in your workouts
  • An activity tracker to track all of your workouts, activities and other milestones, giving you a view of your progress over time
  • A social feed where you can find and add friends to see their activity, start healthy competitions on leaderboards and show off your stats to them

If you need help getting back into an active lifestyle, Nike Fitness Club is a fitness app you can count on to give you plenty of creative ideas and no gym membership fees.

MyFitnessPal: Your Diet Consultant

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While Nike Fitness Club shows you what’s possible when it comes to workouts, MyFitnessPal is a fitness app designed around another important aspect of getting in shape: diet.

Even using the free version of the app, with MyFitnessPal you get incredible insight into your daily consumption habits and can completely change your diet to back on track. The premium paid version of the fitness app takes that ability even further.


An important aspect of getting back and staying in shape is goal setting. Without them, it’s very easy to stand firm and let yourself fall into the trap of maintaining instead of continuously improving.

One of the strongest features of the MyFitnessPal fitness app is the ability to set goals, from how much you want to lose weekly to what kind of nutrition plan you want to stick to with how many workouts per week and how many minutes per week. week. workout that you commit to follow through to the end.

When you hit or miss these goals, the MyFitnessPal fitness app provides an easy way to see where you are on your journey.

Keep a nutrition diary

Another powerful feature of this fitness app is its library of nutritional data, with searchable information about all the foods people eat and the ability to track what you’re eating in a log. .

Throughout the day, you track what you’re eating and can view nutrient levels like calories, protein, etc. to understand what you’re eating and how it’s affecting your body. Data points and visual graphs help you understand this better. When you complete a diary entry for the day, MyFitnessPal will give you an analysis of how you can improve or continue to eat well.

You can also create recipes and save them so you can easily recall the ingredients to make perfect meals and stay on top of a healthy diet. And if you have a busy lifestyle, one where you often skip meals or snacks, MyFitnessPal lets you set reminders for when to eat.

Connect fitness app

While MyFitnessPal is focused on helping you maintain a healthy diet, it makes it easy to connect countless other apps like MapMyFitness, the sister fitness app to MyFitnessPal, that provide workout routines practice, to build an effective fitness plan.

If you already have a solid understanding of what workout routines you need to complete, or if you’re using another fitness app like Nike Training Club or MapMyFitness to get that information, MyFitnessPal can be a great way to get started. make sure you’re managing someone else’s half fitness, eating well, with equal diligence.

Blog and Fitness Supplements

Gymnastics is as much about knowledge as it is about doing the job. It is important to understand the benefits of certain exercise and nutrition plans. That’s why one notable addition to this fitness app is access to the MyFitnessPal blog for new diet and fitness tips every day.

On top of that, you have other means by which you can strengthen your commitment to staying in shape, such as:

  • Add friends and share progress with them
  • Track steps and set step-by-step goals to meet each day
  • Track your progress over time with intuitive graphs

If you want to prioritize the nutritional path to a healthy body, MyFitnessPal is a great fitness app to use in conjunction with any other exercise plan you have. The best part is that you can get a lot out of it for free.

Sweatcoin: Your Physical Reward

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With all the effort of increasing exercise and reducing unhealthy eating habits that you have enjoyed for so long, your reward can be said to be a healthier, happier you with a smaller waist.

Think again: what if you were actually rewarded with a digital currency that you could spend? That’s where Sweatcoin comes in.

This incredibly unique fitness app tracks your outdoor steps (indoor steps can’t be tracked at this time) using your smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS location . It then converts your steps into a currency: coins.

Sweatcoins can be used on the Sweatcoin marketplace for a variety of goods (wireless headphones, iPhones, etc.) as well as services and experiences (an expedition to the Jungles of Borneo) and even converted into real cash (20,000 sweat gets you $1,000 in PayPal).

Then again, given the extent that all the new fitness apps have given you, maybe you’d like to donate your sweats to a partnership charity – you might as well. do that. You can also exchange coins with friends and family.

Don’t forget to stretch

Fitness is one of those things that sounds like the opposite of the digital world at first. It’s so physical, so physical, it seems to clash with the abstract world of code and phone screens. But these three fitness apps and many more available for iOS and Android take exercise, dieting, and the benefits of following a healthier lifestyle to the next level.

Do not be afraid stretch your comfort zone from following a more traditional training regiment to following a modern, cutting-edge path to healthier you with the creativity, efficiency and insight you can get through just three unique fitness apps like Nike Training Club, MyFitnessPal and Sweatcoins. Interesting!

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