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Ernest Hemingway, author of such classics as The sun also rises and The Old Man and the Sea, known for his concise and direct writing style. But as an influential and engaging storyteller, his grammar isn’t always up to par.

When it comes to present participles, Hemingway prefers to drop his e, as with “loveing” and “mov .”eing. “His reason to editor? “Well, that’s what you’re hired to fix!” It’s not the grammatical errors that keep him from becoming one of the greats, but writing as well as he did is certainly not easy:

“Writing is something you can never do as well as it can. It’s a perpetual challenge and it’s harder than anything else I’ve ever done – so I do it. And it makes me happy when I do it well,” he said.

If only Hemingway had been given access to some of today’s modern online editing tools, he might have had an easier time putting together one of history’s greatest works of fiction.

Luckily for us, free editing tools likeEditor Hemingway, Grammarly and Headline Analyzer makes it easy not only to write with Hemingway’s brevity and frankness, but to write with perfect grammar and understand how much a piece of work will resonate with our audience.

Editor Hemingway

Whether or not Hemingway is a fan of editing, he understands the importance of this process: “Most writers overlook the most important part of their job – editing their content.”

We all don’t have a real editor or editorial team to tell us if what we’re writing is as good or readable as it could be – but with Editor Hemingwayyou do.

Write boldly and clearly

The core function of this editing tool is to help you write clear and direct prose, just like Hemingway. Running your text through this tool is simple: copy and paste. You can also write directly in the Hemingway Editor. Either way, the editing tool will instantly flag what makes up your article un-Hemingway:

  • Too many adverbs soften your text
  • Use passive voice instead of active voice
  • Complex phrases with simpler alternatives
  • Change the level of difficult to read sentences

The editing tool also tells you the legibility of your writing by grade level, as well as details like reading time and number of words, sentences, paragraphs, etc. You can access all sorts of things. This is free online, or buy a desktop app that allows you to use Hemingway Editor anywhere without an internet connection.

I dropped the original introduction of this article into the web application, and here’s what Hemingway Editor came back to help me make a few small changes:

No one expects you to spend hours editing near-perfect sentences like Hemingway, but with this eponymous editing tool, you’ll be able to make quick improvements to help you hone your message. doesn’t take much effort.


Although Hemingway Editor detects grammatical errors, much of its power is in helping you maintain an easy-to-read style. For advanced checking for grammar errors, you want to Grammarly in your editing toolkit. You can access it through a Chrome extension or just by going to


Whether you’re writing directly in Grammarly or copying and pasting text in, you’ll start by setting a few goals for the editor to understand the context of your message before suggesting anything. wrong with it.

The level of customization is impressive. You can tell Grammarly what your intentions are with the piece, the audience you’re writing for, the type of style you’re using, and the emotion you’re leveraging throughout the piece.

Based on this, Grammarly makes precise recommendations that help you make worthy improvements to your writing. You can change these goals at any time, such as when you start a new project.

Grammar check

This is why you use Grammarly. Immediately after typing or pasting your text into the editor, it will point out typos and other grammatical errors, such as where a comma is missing or shouldn’t be.

Not only that, but Grammarly will give you correction options where appropriate, helping you maintain some flexibility and control as a writer. It will also give you an explanation of why it suggested you change something.

Performance test

When you’re done editing in Grammarly, you can check your performance to see how well your text compares to other text that Grammarly has tested within the same target limits you set. there.

You get an overall percentage rating, but you can also drill down into important details like reading and speaking time, as well as the same stats as Hemingway Editor, like characters, words, and numbers. sentence.

Finally, you get a readability view, including a good fit score with Hemingway Editor, which says both editing tools leverage advanced technology to give you accurate results based on data. whether real.

Headline Analyzer

The late and great advertiser David Ogilvy said, “On average, five times more people read the headline than read the main body. When you wrote your headline, you spent 80 cents from your dollar. ”

That’s why Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule is essential to help you write great, SEO-friendly titles; that is, titles that align with effective search engine optimization best practices that drive traffic to your posts and increase the likelihood of it being shared.

The core function of the Headline Analyzer is to score your headline and tell you how well it will perform, so it’s more likely that people will read the rest of your content. than.

As you can see, my first title for this article was not so great. While it might have been good enough, Headline Analyzer gave me some tips to help me improve it.

With a few small changes, I improved my score by a few points and am now more comfortable with how I can expect it to perform.

As you adjust your headline based on the score, the Headline Analyzer will list each option you created with its score. This gives you an easy way to compare headline variations and ultimately choose the one with the highest score. This editing tool will also tell you whether your subject line:

  • Too short or too long
  • Clearly explain the purpose of your work
  • Convey positive or negative sentiments
  • Use relevant keywords

Preview Google Search and Email

Writing a great headline isn’t just about stringing the right words together. How your subject line appears in different contexts is equally important – a large H1 subject line on a blog page can appear more or less attractive on a Google search page or in an email. The subject line analyzer does a great job at letting you know how your headline will appear in these different settings.

As you can see, my first headline was cut off in Google. My new fair title better. Of course, if you know how, you can simply update the metadata for a blog post that will appear in Google search and re-title it to match Google’s ideal length.

But if you want a comprehensively optimized headline, then Headline Analyzer is a great editing tool to help you determine what changes to make.

Writing is difficult, especially when we are working in a world where people want quality information quickly in a format where they need little effort to understand the message.

You can get pretty good at this after a while, but if you want some guidance and avenues to improve your decision-making throughout the writing process, these three editing tools can do the job. so miracles for you.

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