How to use the Windows 10 Camera app

Windows 10 has an app called Camera allows you to use the webcam to record videos and take pictures. It’s definitely better than having to download third-party webcam recording software that contains spyware/malware. In this article, I will walk you through the process of using the app and adjusting various settings.

One of the problems with the new smooth interface in Windows 10 apps is that sometimes it’s too simple and clean. They literally removed the buttons and other visual elements you’d expect. For example, there are literally three buttons besides the image and video buttons.

Note that if you want to add filters, retouch, crop or paint on your picture, you should use the included software. Picture apps in Windows 10.

Use the Windows 10 camera app

Before we do that, let’s go over the basics. First open the app and if you don’t have a built-in webcam or connected to your PC you will see a simple black screen saying We can’t find your camera.

After you connect the camera, it will ask you for permission to use the webcam inside the Camera app.

camera allowed

After doing this, you should be able to view your webcam in a full screen window with a few buttons at the top and side:

Note that if your webcam doesn’t work with Windows 10’s camera app, it could mean Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the webcam. This could be because the driver is not compatible with Windows 10. You will have to visit the manufacturer’s website and see if they have a version of the driver for Windows 10. If not, you will have to wait until until there is a version. published.

Now here’s the fun part! How do you take photos or videos with the Camera app in Widows 10? Simply click or tap the camera icon to take a photo and click or tap the video camera icon to start recording a video. By default, it will take a photo or record a video and then store it in Photo library folder in Pictures folder. When you click it, it will make a snapping sound and then the image will slide off the screen to the bottom right icon.

Note that on tablet devices you will have a third icon, which allows you to take a panoramic photo. Alternatively, you may have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the app bar, which lets you change the camera (if there’s more than one), set the time, change the exposure, etc.

To record a video, you must click Rotation mode let it turn white and then click the button again.

The timer will start at the bottom of the screen and all you have to do is click the button again to stop recording.

Windows 8 video recording

If you click on the little gear icon in the top right, you can adjust the settings. The first option is what happens when you press and hold the camera button. By default, it only takes a single photo. You can change it to Photo Burst or Video.

Next, based on your camera, you can choose the resolution to be captured. Next, you can add a framed mesh as an overlay on the camera. The options are Rule of thirds, Golden ratio, Cross chair and square. This is useful if you’re using the camera app on a tablet device like the Surface Pro.

Next, if you set the timer in the camera app, which I explain below, you can let the camera app shorten the time automatically. So if you set the timer to every 5 seconds, it will keep taking pictures until you press the camera button again.

For video, you can choose the recording quality, which will depend on whether the camera is connected to your computer or built into your device. To reduce flicker while recording video, select the highest refresh rate listed. Also, if you have a tablet, make sure it’s on Digital video stabilization when recording video.

Finally, there are some links below where you can change the default location where photos and videos are saved and choose whether the camera can use location information.

Back to the main screen, click on the small clock to adjust the time. This will only show up when you are in picture mode. The time intervals that you can choose are off timer, 2 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds.

Click the arrow to expand the list and you will see an additional icon that allows you to adjust the brightness. A half circle appears, and you can simply click and drag along it to make adjustments.

After you take a photo or record a video, clicking the small icon in the bottom right brings up the Photos app for viewing. In addition, both images and videos are stored in Photo library folder below Pictures.

That’s all there is to the Camera app. Remember, to edit a photo or video, you must access the Photos app. Interesting!

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