How to unblock a number on iPhone and Android

Sometimes, block unwanted calls from telemarketing companies, unknown numbers and certain people in your contacts can give you peace of mind. But what if you accidentally blocked a friend in the process? Or, you want to unblock someone but can’t remember how it’s done? This guide will walk you through the process of unblocking a number on iOS and Android devices.

Note: The steps in this guide may vary depending on your device model (mainly for Android) and its operating system version. We used a Nokia smartphone running Android 10 (with native UI) and an iPhone with iOS 14.7. Android devices (from Samsung, OnePlus, etc.) running a custom Android UI may have different steps for unblocking contacts. If none of the methods below apply to your device, visit the manufacturer’s website for clear instructions.

Unblock a number on iPhone

If you remember the contact(s) you blocked, you can easily unblock them from the Phone app. But if you are unable to call back the contact(s), check the list of blocked numbers in the Phone Settings menu and unblock them accordingly.

In this section, we will show you different techniques to unblock contacts on your iPhone and iPad.

1. Unblock a Contact from the Phone App

Launch the Phone app, tap the info icon next to the number you want to unblock and tap Unblock This Caller.

If the contact is not in the “Recent” section, go to Contact select the contact you want to unblock (use the search bar to locate the contact faster) and select Unblock This Caller.

2. Unblock Contacts from Settings Menu

This is the best way to follow if you want to glance at all blocked contacts on your iPhone.

  1. Open Setting application, select Phoneand choose Blocked contacts.
  1. Clap Edit in the upper right corner.
  1. Touch minus symbol to the left of the contact you want to unblock and select Unlock. That will unblock the number(s) and remove it from the list of blocked contacts. Clap Accomplished to save changes.

Addendum: Unknown caller sounding

iOS and iPadOS ship with automatic transfer of calls from unknown/unsaved numbers to voicemail. Think of this as a “soft block”. If you are not receiving calls from numbers you do not block, the “Silent unknown callers” feature may be active.

Towards Setting > Phone > Silence unknown callers And off Silence unknown callers.

Unblock a number on Android

If you’ve blocked a number on your Android device and you want to revert the action, there are different ways to do it.

1. Unblock a number from Call Log

A blocked number or contact in your phone’s call log will have a crossed out display, i.e. a circle with a line through it. To unblock a contact/number, touch it, select Unlock icon and press Unlock again on the confirmation prompt.

Alternatively, tap the image shows the slashtouch three-dot menu iconand choose Unblock numbers.

2. Unblock Number / Contact from Phone Settings Menu

If the blocked contact is not in your call log, go to the dialer settings menu to unblock the number.

  1. Launch the Phone app, tap three-dot menu icon in the top right corner and select Setting.
  1. Option Blocked number.
  1. Touch x icon next to the number you want to unblock and select Unlock on the reminder.

You should also turn off the option “Block calls from unknown callers”. That will automatically unblock calls from numbers not in your contact list.

3. Unblock Number/Contact from Google Contacts App

If the native dialer app on your Android device doesn’t have a menu to view blocked contacts, you can unblock numbers from the Contacts app.

  1. Launch Contacts, tap hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner and select Setting.
  1. Go to “Manage Contacts” and select Blocked number.
  1. Touch x . symbol next to the blocked number and select Unlock on the reminder.

4. Unblock Number/Contact from Messages App

When you report an SMS or MMS as spam, Android adds the number to the list of blocked contacts. Here’s how to check for blocked numbers via the default Messages app and how to unblock them:

  1. Open the Messages app, tap three-dot menu iconand choose Spam and blocked.
  1. Select the conversation from the number/contact you want to unblock and select Unlock on the next page.

Unblock contacts with third-party apps

If you’ve blocked a contact through third-party caller ID apps, you may not receive calls or texts from that person — even if the number isn’t in the blocked contacts list on your device. your device. Check the contact details on the app or open the list of blocked numbers in the settings menu of the app and unblock the number.

Better yet, set the system phone app that came with your device as the default app for phone calls.

Towards Setting > Apps and notifications > Default Apps > Phone app and select the system default Android phone app.

Block and unblock numbers as needed

It’s important to state that blocking and unblocking are device-specific actions. Moving your SIM card to another device is an indirect and easy method to unblock a number.

Reset your iPhone or Android smartphone Returning to factory defaults will also clear the list of blocked contacts and unblock all numbers. While it’s extreme – since you’ll lose your files and settings – it’s a valid method of unblocking contacts and we’re putting it out there for educational purposes.

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

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