How to mute someone when at odds

Discord is one of the most popular voice and text chat platforms on the internet. It’s used for everything from gaming communities to niches, enthusiast groups, and everything in between. Unfortunately, as with any online community, Discord can attract a few bad apples.

If you only use Discord with friends, you will probably never need to use the Mute function. However, if you are part of larger communities, you may encounter someone harassing you or speaking in a rather nasty way. This article will show you exactly what you need to do to mute someone on Discord.

Mute vs. Block Discord users

There are two main ways to prevent someone from interacting with you on Discord: mute the person and block the person. If you mute someone in a voice channel, you won’t hear anything they post. However, they can still send you messages and communicate via text.

If you block a user, this will not only prevent you from seeing their posts in the Discord channel, but also from sending you private messages.

Will users know they’ve been muted or blocked?

There are obvious problems that arise if you Mute or Block someone on Discord. First of all, it can be offensive. In a tight-knit community, this can lead to a lot of drama. That’s not what anyone wants, especially considering how easily these problems can be grouped.

The good news is that Discord does not notify users if they have been muted. They won’t get any messages or notifications, but they might notice if you stop responding to what they say in the channel. Of course, in channels with dozens or hundreds of users, this will be significantly less noticeable.

Discord also doesn’t notify users if you block them. However, if they try to text you, it will fail; instead, it will show the sender a generic message that you only accept private messages from friends.

That raises another question: what if they try to send you a friend request? The user will receive a message stating that you are not currently accepting friend requests and that you will have to ask them to be your friend instead.

It’s not a perfect solution, especially if that user knows how to contact you outside of Discord, but it’s a way to combat unsolicited communication.

When should I mute someone who is at odds?

If you mute someone in Discord, you won’t hear anything they say in the voice chat. There are times when muting them is appropriate, and other times when a simple conversation can solve the problem.

If you’re having a voice chat with someone and they’re typing too loudly, playing music in the background, or doing something else that’s distracting, you can mute them to reduce the sound. This is also beneficial if you are in a room with someone else and both are on the same Discord channel. Muting each other prevents feedback through the speakers and benefits others in the channel.

If someone is harassing you, threatening you, or acting in a sexually inappropriate way, you should screenshot the conversation and send it to the Discord admin team before you block the user. If the threats are serious or against your life, consider contacting your local police.

How to mute someone when at odds

If you want to mute someone in Discord, it’s that simple. If you are joining a voice channel with a user, right click on their name and select Mute box from the menu. Until you uncheck the box, that user will remain hidden.

You can also select a user from the list of channel members and right-click their name. You can choose Mute from the menu just as if you would select their name from the voice channel.

If the entire channel is bothering you (perhaps too many notifications), you can mute the entire channel. Right click on the channel name and select Channel mute. You can choose to mute for 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or until you unmute.

How to block someone on discord

If a user has reached a point where you don’t want to interact with them anymore, you can block them as easily as you can mute them. Right-click the username in the channel itself or in the list of active users, then select Unit.

When you do this, it will immediately block the user. If they are in your friends list, it will remove them.

You can also block users by right clicking their username and clicking File, then click on the three dots next to Send Message. When you do, choose Unit from the menu that appears.

Understand the difference between muting and blocking Discord users and take the necessary steps to protect you from malicious elements online that will reduce your experience.

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