How to get OneDrive to stop sending memories via email

if you use OneDrive to back up your photo library, it regularly emails you memories—photos and videos of the same day years ago. Here’s how to turn them off on Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

While these memories sound like a good concept, they can clutter your inbox, act as a distraction, and even wipe out bad memories. In addition to email, you’ll also receive notifications on your desktop and mobile devices. If you don’t want to receive OneDrive “On This Day” emails and notifications, they’re easy enough to disable.

Turn off OneDrive “On This Day” email

Instead of unsubscribing from OneDrive emails entirely and potentially missing important account-related messages, you can specifically instruct Microsoft’s file-sharing service to stop sending you “On this date” notifications. “. To do that, you must access the OneDrive web app at

1. Visit and sign in with your Microsoft Account.

2. Select the gear shape Setting in the upper right corner of the browser tab and select Option.

3. Select Notify on the sidebar.

4. Clear the box next to On this day memories are available.

5. Select Save.

Note: If you try to sign in to on a mobile device, it may automatically launch the OneDrive app (if you have it installed). Try logging in to the following website switch browser to desktop mode to prevent that.

Turn off OneDrive “On This Day” Notifications on PC

On PC, it’s common to get a “On this day” message from The OneDrive app comes pre-installed with Windows 11 and 10. If you want to disable them, you have to disable a specific setting in your OneDrive preferences. If that doesn’t work, you must modify the relevant registry key using the Registry Editor.

Turn off “On this day” notification in OneDrive Settings

1. Select A disk in the system tray (located to the right of the taskbar).

2. Select the gear shape Help & Settings Icon. Then choose Setting.

3. Switch to Setting navigation.

4. Uncheck the checkbox next to When OneDrive suggests a new collection of my photos and videos.

5. Select ALRIGHT.

Note: On older OneDrive versions, you may see an option labeled When the memories “On this day” are available instead of. Uncheck it to stop the “On this date” notification.

Turn off “On This Day” Notifications via Registration System

1. Press Windows + CHEAP to open Run box.

2 types regedit and choose ALRIGHT.

3. Copy and paste (or type) the following path into the address bar at the top of the Registry Editor window and press enter:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ OneDrive \ Accounts \ Personal

4. Select Private folder on the sidebar. Then double-click OnThisDayPhotoNotificationDisabled registry entry on the right side of the window.

5. Enter a Hexadecimal system value of first and choose ALRIGHT.

6. Exit the Registry Editor window and restart your computer.

Note: If the registry entry in step 4 appears missing, right click Private and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it OnThisDayPhotoNotificationDisabled and save it with a Hexadecimal system value of first.

Turn off OneDrive “On This Day” notifications on mobile devices

“On This Day” notifications can also show up on iOS and Android smartphones, but you can turn them off without turning off all OneDrive notifications like on a PC. Just note that the process is slightly different on the iOS and Android versions of the OneDrive app.

Turn off “On this day” notifications on iOS

1. Open A disk and tap the profile portrait at the top left of the screen.

2. Press Setting.

3. Press Notify.

4. Turn off the side switches OneDrive creates a photo album for me and I have memories from this day.

5. Quit OneDrive’s Setting screen.

Turn off “On this day” notifications on Android

1. Open A disk application and switch to I navigation.

2. Press Setting.

3. Press Private

4. Turn off the side switches I have memories from this day and OneDrive creates a photo album for me.

5. Quit OneDrive’s Setting screen.

Block your memories

OneDrive “On This Day” emails are quick and easy to disable. However, don’t forget to do it by blocking the “On this date” notification. If you start running low on your daily OneDrive storage, you can turn them back on quickly.

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