How to fix Gmail error when not receiving email

Gmail is a reliable email provider 99% of the time, but it’s not without problems. One of the biggest problems you will face with Gmail is not receiving any new emails. This is obviously a big concern if you rely heavily on Gmail for personal or business communications.

Luckily, you can apply a few troubleshooting tips to start receiving emails in your inbox again.

Gmail has an outage problem

When you realize you’re not receiving new emails in your Gmail account, verify if Gmail is down. Sometimes Gmail’s servers are down and this can prevent incoming email from being delivered.

Google has a website to provide the status of different servers.

To check Gmail’s server status:

  1. Open Gmail’s Status Website in your browser.
  2. Take a look at the icon next to it Gmail. If that icon is green, the Gmail server is working fine.
  1. If the icon is orange or pink, it means Gmail’s servers are down.

There’s nothing you can do except wait for Google’s servers to come back up in the event of an outage. Google usually fixes these issues fairly quickly.

Using Gmail on the Web

If you use an email client like Outlook to access Gmail, there might be a problem with your client, preventing new emails from being sent. Visit Gmail’s interface on the web and see if you have any new emails by following the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  1. Log in to your Gmail account. Now you will see all your emails here.
  1. If you find emails on Gmail’s web interface that you can’t find in the email client, the problem is with your email client. Fix the client or get another one email client to use Gmail.
  2. If you’d rather fix the email client than change to a new client, consider doing the following with your existing email client:

    one. Remove your email account from your client and then re-add the email account. This gives customers a chance to refresh your email and account settings.

    b. Uninstall the email client and then reinstall it. This should fix the problem with the client.

Check Gmail memory

Gmail uses your primary Google account storage. You might not be able to receive new emails in Gmail if you’re running low on storage space.

You can check your Gmail space by following the steps below.

  1. Launch in a web browser and Log in to your account.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of your email, where Gmail shows your storage usage.
  1. If you use vertical split in Gmail, the Gmail volume indicator will be to the right of the email list.
  1. Follow our suggestions below to free up space in Google storage:
  • Delete large emails from your Gmail account.

Check Spam Folder

Gmail sometimes marks a safe email as spam and moves it to the spam folder. Check your spam folder if you don’t find the new email by following the steps below.

  1. Sign in to Gmail in your web browser.
  1. Choose Spam folder on the left sidebar.
  1. On the right, find the email you’ve been waiting for among all your spam emails.
  1. Select and Open email if you find it.
  1. Choose Report is not spam at the top to move the email to your inbox. This tells Google that you don’t want emails like this to become spam in the future.

Check All Mail Folder

The Gmail All Mail folder contains all the emails you have in your account. If you can’t find an email in a particular folder, you should look in All mail folder to see if your email is there.

  1. Sign in to Gmail on the web.
  1. Choose All mail in the left sidebar.
  1. If you don’t see All mail folder, select Than in the left sidebar to expand it so you can see more options and select All mail.
  1. You can now view all your Gmail emails.

Check Gmail Filters

With Gmail filters, you can apply different actions to emails you receive in your account. Maybe a filter is automatically taking an action and accidentally blocking your incoming emails.

Review your Gmail filters and remove those that you think are causing problems with your incoming emails:

  1. On the Gmail web interface, select Settings / Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  1. Choose View all settings.
  1. Choose Filters and blocked addresses from the top bar to see all your Gmail filters.
  1. Review each filter to make sure it doesn’t take an unexpected action on your incoming emails.
  1. If you see a problematic filter, select Delete next to that filter to remove it from your account.
  1. Recreate the filter, if necessary, and see if the problem is fixed.

Turn off email forwarding

Gmail offers email forwarding allows you to forward incoming emails to a specified email address and then delete the original email. If you’re not receiving emails, disable email forwarding to fix your problem using the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  1. Choose Settings / Gear icon in the upper right corner and select View all settings.
  1. Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP at top.
  1. Activated Turn off forwarding word option Forward section.
  1. Option Save changes at the bottom.
  1. If this method fixes your problem, you can enable email forwarding by selecting keep a copy of Gmail in your Inbox from the drop-down menu.

Other possible solutions

If you still can’t receive new emails in Gmail, consider the following:

  • Access your Gmail account from another web browser on your computer because your current browser may not refresh Gmail’s content properly. If you’re using Chrome, switch to Firefox and go to Gmail.
  • Switch to an alternate internet connection as your internet connection may be blocking some content from Gmail. For example, if you are currently on a Wi-Fi network, switch to mobile data hotspot and check your Gmail account.

Hopefully one of these methods helped fix your Gmail account error. Please use the comments below to let us know which method is right for you.

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