How to Edit Blue Screen Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

One versatile editing technique to really make a video stand out is to use green screen video. Green screens are used in video production as a way to edit desired special effects, transitions, or backgrounds in post-production.

The “green color” of the green screen is determined by the video editing program and you can then replace it with another video or image. This is a common technique, widely used in media from local weather forecasts, to music videos, to Hollywood blockbusters.

Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a video editing program, is capable of editing blue screen footage through a method known as chroma lock. In Premiere, you can use the Ultra Key effect to color correct your footage.

Follow this tutorial and you will be able to seamlessly incorporate the green screen effect in your videos.

How to set up your scene for the Chroma . key

Before applying the Ultra Key effect, you’ll want to clean up the green screen footage to make the final product look better. You’ll apply a layer of blur to your video so you can remove areas you don’t need to color correct.

  1. After placing the green screen footage in the timeline, open the effects panel and go to Video Effects> Outdated. From here choose Blurry eight points if you have a simpler subject as a green screen foreground. Choose Sixteen points if your topic is more complex. Below, I’m using eight point garbage blur because the object is just a circle.
  1. You can click the effect in Effect control This window will highlight the points of ghosting in the preview. You can move them around with your mouse this way, or change the values ​​of the point position in the Effects Control.

Once you’ve cropped your video, we’ll move on to applying Ultra Key and Chroma to your video.

How to create Chroma Key in Premiere Pro video editor

Return to the Effects tab once you’ve applied the blur to find the Ultra Key effect. Please follow the steps below to apply it.

  1. Go Video Effects > Keying > Ultra Key. Click and drag this effect onto your clip.
  1. inside Effect control control panel, under Ultra . key effects, select Teardropper tool. Use this option to choose your blue screen background color. If the blue screen light in your footage is uniform, you can choose anywhere. However, if there are parts that are lighter than others, choose a darker area.
  1. When you select the green screen color, you will see the rest of the color disappear. You can now start fine-tuning the key to seamlessly match any background you choose.

There are a number of different ways you can refine the edges of your subject so that it naturally fits the background. First, in Output drop down, select Alpha channel. This will change your footage to black and white so you can easily see which areas need editing. If the white in the Alpha channel looks fainter, it means the selected color can be more visible there.

You can also change Setting drop down Ferocious. This will select more colors than you selected with the eyeliner.

You’ll also want to see below Matte cleaning section. Here you will see some effects called Suffocation and Soften. The choke will close at the edges of your object with hard lines. Soften also closes at the edges, but with a larger feathery effect.

Add to your green screen background

Now you can do the fun part by adding the background of your choice to your video. This step is very simple to do and can help you see if you need to change any further parts of the key for a natural effect.

  1. Find the background scene you want to use for the green screen in Media Garbage can.
  1. Click and drag the scene to your timeline. Make sure it’s on the layer below the green screen footage.
  1. The selected movie scene will now appear below your green screen subject.

You should be able to see how your subject fits in the new background scene now and make the necessary changes using the tools outlined above.

Tips for editing your Chroma key

There are several other tools that will be helpful to clean your key so that it blends well with your background or effect.


You can find this setting in Fuzzy generation. Decreasing the value of this setting will harden and clean the edges of your object, while increasing it will soften the edges. This setting is suitable for fine-tuning difficult edges such as hair or feathers, fibers, or other complex subjects.


Change Pedestal value that determines how much background is visible around the object. Reducing this value will increase that effect, and increasing it will produce much sharper edges.


This value will change the “shadow” effect visible around the edges of your object, making the edges softer. This is great for making your subject look more natural in the added surroundings.

Create a mind-stimulating effect with the green screen video in the premiere

For beginners in video editing, learning how to use the Chroma key effect on a green screen clip is an important skill to master. Green screen editing can be used in many formats and can really help add effects that you might not otherwise be able to.

No matter what visual effects or video backgrounds you want to add, green screen work can be done easily using Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are a complete beginner on Adobe PremiereThis is a basic skill to master.

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