How to create fireworks in Minecraft

When it comes to crafting in Minecraft, most people think of using diamonds to craft premium armor or enchanting their weapons to fight Ender Dragon — but did you know you can craft too? create fireworks? In addition to simple beauty, fireworks can be a handy item.

You can use fireworks as ammunition for your crossbow, signal friends to play on the same server, and even extend flight time with Elytra. There are many tutorials on how to make fireworks in Minecraft, but it only focuses on simple materials.

How to make rocket firework in Minecraft

To make a rocket that fires fireworks in Minecraft, you only need two main ingredients: gunpowder and paper.

  1. Place a piece of gunpowder and a piece of paper in a 3×3 crafting grid. The grid position doesn’t matter.
  2. Get the fireworks rocket from the grid.

This is the absolute minimum wattage fireworks you can produce, and honestly, it’s pretty boring. If you want to increase the effect, you will need to add different ingredients to this basic recipe. Think of it like cooking. You can make pancakes with just flour, milk, and eggs, but adding some cinnamon or blueberries dramatically improves things.

The core of any custom fireworks rocket is Star fireworks. You add a Firework Star along with gunpowder and paper to create fireworks.

You can also add additional components when creating Firework Star to customize the result. Here’s how to create one:

  1. Add gunpowder and dye to the crafting grid.
  1. Add any custom components to customize the blast even further.

Now the real fun begins. There are many things you can do with fireworks, from changing the shape of the explosion to changing its color and effects.

How to explode the face of a creeper

Ever wondered how to make those amazing explosions in the shape of a creeper’s head? Easy — just add the head of any crowd into your Firework Star recipe. You can throw it next to any other element, and it will cause an explosion in the form of a Creeper.

You can get mob heads by killing enemies with a Charged Creeper explosion. Since Charged Creepers are a very rare horde, it’s easier to do this by adding the Channeling buff to the trident and attacking the Creeper with it.

How to make a circular explosion

If fireworks in the shape of one of Minecraft’s scariest enemies aren’t your thing, you can make them explode into a large ball just by adding Fire fighting fee Firework Star recipe. You can craft Fire Charge by combining Burnt powder, Coal or Charcoaland Gunpowder in a craft grid. You can also find it in chests or through trading with Piglins.

How to make a star-shaped explosion

All you need to do to create a star-shaped explosion is add a Natural gold Firework Star recipe. You can break a gold bar into nine gold nuggets on the crafting table.

How to Create a Burst . Explosion

If you want to create an explosive explosion — in other words, a fireworks explosion that spreads across the sky — just add a Feather into your Firework Star recipe. You can get feathers from killing chickens.

How to Add a Trail to Minecraft Fireworks

You can add additional effects to any of the recipes above. For example, if you want to add a trail effect to any Minecraft fireworks, add Diamond Firework Star formula along with other ingredients. This will cause the explosion to fly through the sky.

How to add Twinkle to Minecraft Fireworks

The Twinkle effect doesn’t sound like much, but it makes fireworks crackle after the explosion. The fact that you can change the sound effects is pretty impressive, isn’t it? To add this effect, simply add glowstone dust into your Firework Star recipe.

Glowstone Dust can be obtained by breaking Glowstone Blocks in the Nether or as drops from certain enemies. Usually, you can find Glowstone Dust from killing Witches.

More fun with Minecraft Fireworks

You can further customize the fireworks display and explosion effects with just a few tweaks. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Adding more gunpowder to your firework will increase its flight time. You can use up to three pieces of gunpowder.
  • Each color dye you use affects the color of the explosion. Add multiple colors of dye to create rainbow fireworks.
  • If you can’t see the explosion because you’re underneath it, use the redstone to create a timer or fuse to fire your fireworks from a distance. This way you will be able to properly appreciate them.

Fireworks will not significantly affect your game. You can’t burn buildings with them, and using fireworks to kill the Ender Dragon would just be crazy. However, you can have a lot of fun with them. Take the time to learn how to make fireworks and explore all the customizations Mojang has added to the game.

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