How to create and manage a group page on Facebook

Facebook is known as an online place where people can meet others, share information, and create communities around common interests. Group pages on Facebook are very popular for this reason, with many groups having thousands of members at once.

If you’re thinking of starting your own Facebook group page for a hobby, it’s really easy to do. You will automatically become the admin of the group, allowing you to manage all aspects of the group, which becomes necessary when more people join.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a group page on Facebook and how to manage it.

How to create a group page on Facebook

Creating a group page on Facebook is easy and doesn’t require any other than having a Facebook account. When you’re ready to create your group, simply go to your Facebook news feed and follow these steps.

  1. In the top right corner, click the square icon made of dots labeled Menu when you hover over it.
  1. Under Create sidebar, select Coporation, group. This will take you to the group creation page.
  1. Here you will want to enter the group name, Privacy and display settings, then invite friends to your group if you want. Then choose Create.
  1. From here, you might want to do some extra work to make your team complete. Scroll down and to the right you’ll see a box labeled Continue setting up your team. You can choose these missions to complete them.
  1. On the left side you will see a sidebar named Administration tools. There are also a few things you might want to set up before having members on your team. For example, you can set up group rules, as well as questions that users need to answer before they can be accepted as a member.
  1. You may also want to create a first post to introduce the group to new members. You can do this by using the text box near the top of your team’s feed.

After completing these steps, you’ll want to invite new members to your group. You can do this by clicking Invite next to your group name.

Manage your group page

Once your team site is up and running, you have several controls available for managing your team. Depending on the group’s privacy settings, you may have more or less control over who enters the group and what is posted.

If you set your group page to Private, you will be able to review new membership requests and accept or decline them. You can also set up membership questions that users can answer to gain access to your group.

If you set your group to Public, you won’t be able to rate new members, but you will still be able to review posts that members make. You will also have access to Admin Support where you can set criteria for posts and actions and let Admin Support do them automatically.

Here’s how to use each option in the Administrative Tools sidebar.

Member’s request

This option is only available if you set your group to Private. Here you will find people who have requested to join the group and you can accept or decline their requests. You will be able to see some information about the user, such as their location and answers to any questions about membership, to make your decision about their membership request.

If you invite a member to a private group, they will be able to automatically join without answering questions.

Automatic member approval

This option is also available only for Private groups. Here you can select certain criteria like answer to question, location, length on Facebook, etc., which will automatically grant membership to requests that meet those criteria.

Membership question

If you have your group set to Private, you can ask questions here for new members to answer before being accepted into your group. These are questions you can review in the Membership Requests section.

Post pending

These are posts that other members of the group have made that will first be reviewed by you before being posted in the group.

Scheduled post

Here you can see which posts you have scheduled to post in the future. To create a scheduled post, follow these steps:

  1. Or click Make a post in the Scheduled Posts section, or go to your group’s main feed and type in the post text box.
  1. After writing your post, select the calendar icon in the bottom right corner.
  1. Set the date and time you want this post to be scheduled, then select Schedule.

Login Activity

Here you can see all the admin and member activities taking place in the group. You can filter activity by date, certain admin/moderator, certain group member, or activity type.

Group Rules

This is where you can set up rules for your group that you want members to follow. This is important because it sets a precedent for behavior in your group as well as guidelines for what behavior constitutes exclusion from the group.

Content reported by members

This is where you’ll find content in the group that has been reported by other members. You can review these reports and decide whether to take action.

Censorship warning

If you want, you can set up certain keywords or activities to alert you whenever they happen in the group. This can be a good tool for moderating your team if you want to make sure the rules are being followed.

Team quality

This is where Facebook will let you know if the content in your group generally goes against Facebook’s policies, allowing you to track Facebook’s participation in your group. If team quality is too low, your team may be at risk disabled.

Team development

This feature helps Facebook recommend your group to users who might want to join. You can choose certain options for who you want Facebook to promote your group to.

Creating a group page on Facebook is easy

Groups can be a great place to grow a community of people interested in the same topic or to share experiences and help others. Facebook makes it very easy to create and manage groups, so you can develop the kind of group you’re proud to have.

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