How to create and edit TikTok videos for beginners

With the rise in popularity of social media platform TikTok, more people are starting to open accounts. Although TikTok is starting to get a lot of younger users, more people of all ages have started using it. If you are just getting started with the platform, it may seem a bit confusing at first.

TikTok’s main focus is on short videos, often with music playing on them. It may be relatively easy to get your videos viewed and engaged on TikTok, but creating a good video is essential to getting lots of views, likes, and comments.

To do this, knowledge of how to make videos on TikTok is very important. This article will cover the basic process of getting and editing your videos and the tools available to use in TikTok, as well as some tips to make your videos great.

Video recording for TikTok

The first thing you need to do is record the video you want to use.

Record a video in TikTok

There are a few ways you can do this. The first option is to record directly in TikTok.

  1. At the bottom of the app, tap the plus icon in the center of the navigation bar.
  1. The camera will open. If this is your first time opening it, you will have to give TikTok permission to use your camera and microphone.
  1. If you want to add music/audio make sure you tap More sounds at the top and search or select your sound before you start recording.
  1. To record, choose how long you want your entire video to take, then tap the red record button.
  1. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a blue bar showing how much time you’ve recorded, and how much video you have left in gray.
  1. You can tap the red stop button to pause the recording at any time. TikTok will save the recording until then, and you can tap the record button again to continue recording the same video.
  1. If you want to delete the last video you recorded, you can tap the white x icon next to the record button, then tap Leave.
  1. When you have a video you like, select the red checkmark icon to switch to the editing screen.

Take a video with your camera app

The other option is to record a video outside of TikTok, such as on your smartphone’s camera app, and import it into TikTok that way.

  1. Tap the plus icon in the center of the navigation bar.
  1. After the camera opens, look to the right of the red record button and select the icon of a photo labeled Upload.
  1. Tap the video you want to add to your TikTok and tap Optionor tap the circles in the corner of the video thumbnail. Once you’ve selected them all, tap Next.
  1. In the edit screen, you can add music by searching for the sound and selecting it. If you want to change the order of the added videos, you can tap Adjust button. Then tap, hold and drag the video to the position you want. You can also tap individual clips to trim them, reorient, or delete them. Clap Next Once completed.

The next step will be to edit your TikTok to add text, effects, or transitions if you want. Regardless of how you shoot the video, the final editing process is the same.

How to edit your TikTok videos

After you’ve shot a video for TikTok, you’ll be able to tweak it a bit to make it stand out. There are a number of different options for you to edit your videos, and you’ll want to know them before starting a project.

First, make sure to put your clips together exactly the way you want them to before you start editing. This is because if you’re going to change any of the clips, you’ll have to go back to the recording stage and your edits will be erased.

More effects

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a clock icon labeled Effect. Click here to see the effects and transitions you can add to your videos. To use them:

  1. Tap the type of effect you want: Intuitive, Effect, Forward, Detachedor Time.
  1. Navigate in the video timeline to the point where you want the effect to occur.
  1. Press and hold to apply the effect for the amount of time you want. TikTok will display the effect in real time. You can then go back to the timeline to check it out and make sure you like it.
  1. To remove the effect you just added, tap the gray back button just below the video timeline on the right.
  1. Clap Save Once completed.

Add text

Text can be a great way to convey information. It’s also pretty simple to add once you know how:

  1. Tap the Text icon at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Choose your font, format, and color, then enter your text.
  1. Tap outside the text or select Accomplished to add it to your video. Then you can move it around to place it.
  1. Tap the text to Edit it again. You can also tap Set duration to put text on a specific part of the video for a certain amount of time.

More filters

To give your video more style, you can choose to place filters on top of the video. There’s a lot to choose from, and you can easily do it.

  1. Click Filter at the top right of the screen.
  1. Tap the filter you want to use, then use the slider to change the strength of the filter.
  1. Tap your video again to apply the filter. You can click Filter option again and set it to Normal To remove it.

Post your TikTok videos

Once you’re done creating your video, tap Next to go to the publication page. Here you can add a description, hashtags, links, and set security options.

If you don’t want to post the video right away, tap Draft to save the video so only you can view it. You can access the draft from your TikTok profile page. If not, you’ll want to press parcel to publish a video and see how it works.

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