How to change your Facebook advertising preferences

Just like TV and radio programs, social networks contain advertising. While you can’t remove ads from your Facebook feed, you do have some control over the types of ads you see.

You can select promotional topics that interest you while deselecting those that are not. You can also allow ads from certain advertisers and hide others. Until and unless the company uses an ad-free model, why not at least control the types of ads displayed? like your postLike or follow on Facebook.

Access your Facebook Ads Preferences

Whether you use the Facebook website or the mobile app, you can access and change your advertising preferences.

Accessing Facebook Advertising Options on the Web

  1. Visit Facebook.comlogin and select arrow at the top right.
  2. Pick Settings & Privacy > Setting.
  1. Choose Advertisement in the left navigation.

Access Facebook Ads Options on Mobile App

  1. Open the Facebook app and select Menu navigation.
  2. Extend Settings & Privacy near the end and choose Setting.
  3. Move to Permission and choose Advertising options.

When you visit the ad preferences page, use the sections described below to tailor the ads you see to your interests.

Change your Facebook advertising preferences

The Advertising Preferences page contains three sections: Advertiser, Ad Theme, and Ad Settings. Here’s how they work.

Change Advertiser Interests

Option Advertisers to see who you have viewed most recently. To hide one of the advertisers in the list, select Hide ads to the right of their name. When you do this, Hide ads button changes to one Undo if you change your mind.

Choose see more at the bottom of the list and do the same for other advertisers you want to hide.

When you hide an advertiser, you’ll see them in Advertisers you’ve hidden at the bottom of that page. You can go to that section and choose Undo to start reviewing ads from that advertiser.

Another way to hide advertisers is to go to Advertisers whose ads you clicked on on that page. Use Hide ads here to hide those advertisers.

Change Ad Theme Preferences

Option Advertising theme to view your data-driven topics. These are ad categories that apply to you based on your Facebook activity. They can range from food to beauty, music to technology and more.

If you’d like to see fewer ads on a particular topic, select that topic from the list. Then choose See little.

After taking this action, you won’t see many ads on that topic, and advertisers won’t be able to target you for that interest.

You can choose see more at the bottom of the list to see all data-driven topics, but there can be a lot of categories to sort through. Instead, you can use Search all topics at the top to find specific ad categories.

After you mark the ad topic with See little, you’ll notice these listed at the bottom of the page. So if you intend to change, just pick a heart and choose No priority to feed it back to your data-driven topic list.

Change Ads Settings

Option Ads Settings to manage the data used to show you ads. This section includes five areas that you can adjust:

  • Categories used to contact you: This includes details from your profile that advertisers use for targeted ads. Use the on/off button to enable or disable the items in the list. Also, choose Other categories at the bottom to check additional categories.
  • Audience-based advertising: This includes advertisers who use your activity or details for relevant ads.

Choose an advertiser and you’ll see their details, including a link to their Facebook page. If they use the list to contact you, you’ll see this too. Select that option to disallow them from showing you ads based on lists and to exclude you from ads using lists.

  • Ads are displayed on Facebook: This includes ads you see on non-Facebook websites or apps that use Facebook’s advertising services. You can change the switch to Do not allow.
  • Social interaction: This includes showing ads based on what your Facebook friends see. As the example reads:

“…If you like a Page running ads, we can let your friends know that you liked the Page when they saw the ad.”

Choose one of the two Friend or Only me at the end Social interaction area.

Adjust Your In-Feed Advertising Preferences

It may take time to adjust your ad preferences in Facebook settings. While it’s worth your time, you can also make quick adjustments when you see ads and advertisers in your Facebook news feed.

To hide an ad or advertiser on the web or in the mobile app, select the three dots in the top right to open the drop-down menu.

Choose Hidden Ads stop watching ads or Why am I seeing this ad? And after that Hide to stop viewing ads from advertisers.

Tips: If you choose Manage changes to your ad preferences under Hide you will go straight to Advertisers of ad settings.

Just because you can’t remove ads from your Facebook experience doesn’t mean you have to see ads you don’t like. Take a moment and adjust your Facebook ad preferences.

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