How to change the background in Google Chrome

By default, when you open Google Chrome, the background is a blank white window with a Google Search box and a few shortcuts directly below it. If you have dark mode enabled on your device, the background may appear dark gray. Either way, it’s pretty boring and dull.

You can change the background in Chrome so that when you open a new tab you can see the pictures. You can also change the color scheme for Chrome tabs and windows to something more interesting. In this post, we will show you how to pull it out. This way you can browse the web and enjoy the view while doing it.

Note that none of this will change the background when you visit It’s not possible to change the look and feel of itself unless you use some kind of third-party extension to change the HTML for a web page.

Use pre-made themes

Changing your Google background is easy. Note that this will change the background when you open a new tab in Chrome. If you have an extension that replaces the default tab in Chrome with a custom page, changing these settings should have no effect.

If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, you can always check out the store for popular themes.

To get started, launch Google Chrome. It’s important to note that this guide only works if your browser is Chrome. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, then you will not be able to do this following the steps below.

Then go to the far end (right corner) of the Chrome browser and click on the icon with three dots. Doing this will bring up the drop-down menu for you. Here, click Setting.

Scroll down Appearance section. There you will find Open Chrome Web Store Below Topic. Click on this link.

Now, choose a theme. If you have a specific topic in mind, just search for it! If you want to see what’s available at the library, you can also browse the categories.

Either way, click the theme you want. Doing this will open a new tab with that theme.

When you have a theme you’re happy with, click Add to Chrome button.

You can now scroll down the page to see an overview of your chosen topic. It is also located in this area where you can find information about the compatibility of the theme with your device.

Now you can enjoy your new theme! You’ll see the color changes at the top of the Chrome window and in the new tab page. If you don’t like it, you can always choose another theme from the store. Press only Undo to revert the changes.

If you want to go back to how your theme was before, just visit Appearance once again. There, choose Reset to default.

Use your own wallpaper

You can also change the Google background with your own personal photo and choose your own color. You can use pictures of your family, friends and pets! If not, look for the ones that Google has selected for you.

To get started, open a new tab in Chrome. Then click the gear icon or Custom link on bottom.

Doing this will bring up a menu that says Customize this page. Here you can choose how you want to change your Google background. You can upload your own pictures. Just select an image from your computer.

You can also use the Chrome background. If you select this option, a window will appear. There you can peruse a collection of great designs!

Click Colors and themes to choose your own color for the browser window. You can also click the circle in the top left with the eyeliner tool to choose your own custom color.

If you don’t like your new background, you can always go back to the original background. To do this, go to the gear icon again. There you will find an option that allows you to Restore default background. Click here to undo the changes.

Hopefully this helped you change the background in Google Chrome to something more desirable. If you have other customization intentions, please let us know in the comments and we’ll try to help.

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