How to Add, Manage, and Remove Roles in Discord

When you start up your first Discord server, one of the first things you’ll probably want to do is create roles within it that you can assign to your server users. Roles in Discord are positions that offer certain abilities within the team. For example, someone with the Administrator role can ban a user, change the name, or moderate the chat.

Doing this is a very easy process and as the owner of a server you can change the roles within it whenever you want. Here’s how to add, manage, and remove roles in your own Discord server.

How to add a role in discord

After creating the server, you will be taken to the general text chat channel. From here, you’ll be able to fully customize your server, including adding roles. Follow these steps to add a number.

  1. Next to your server name, there is a down arrow icon. Click here to open the drop-down list and select Server settings.
  1. On the sidebar, select Role.
  1. On this page there is a big button in the middle that says Create role. Choose this one.
  1. You will now be on the role creation page. In the first tab, you will be able to edit the appearance of the role in your server, such as the name of the role and the color specified.
  1. Above Permission , then you can assign permissions to the role. These are the actions that users are allowed to perform on this server.
  1. Above Manage member you can then add your server members to this role.
  1. Once you’ve created your role, select the color green Save changes button.

The role will then be added to your server. When you go to the main channel on your server, you’ll see the roles and members you’ve added to the role directly below it.

How to Manage Roles in Discord

Once you’ve created a role, you always have the option to edit it whenever you want or need it. This may be necessary if multiple members are involved, if you want to change role names or change permissions.

Here’s how to manage the roles you’ve created.

  1. When you open Role page in Server settingsyou’ll see a list of all the roles you’ve created.
  1. Next to each created role, you’ll see how many members are assigned to that role. You can click on this number to be taken to Manage member in the role editor. There you can see the members’ names, as well as add or remove members from the role. You should also know that members can have multiple roles in a server.
  1. Back to main Role you can also click the pencil icon when hovering over a role will be taken to the role editor.
  1. When you’re done editing your Discord roles, be sure to click the green Save changes button.

You will also notice that there is an auto-generated default role – the @everyone role. This is the one that applies to everyone who is part of the server. To edit this role, you can go to the role editor for any of your existing roles, then on the sidebar select the @everyone role.

There’s no limit to how many times you can change each role’s options, so don’t worry about making your role perfect right out of the box. In fact, you’ll probably need to edit roles as often as you get a feel for how they work and how permissions work.

How to remove roles in discord

During the process of creating and editing this role, if you find that you no longer need or want a role on your server, you can also delete them. Be careful with this, though, as there’s no way you can get a deleted Discord role back other than by creating a completely new one.

Here’s how to remove the Discord server role.

  1. Go Server Settings > Roles.
  1. In the list of all created roles, find the one you want to delete. Select the ellipse icon on the right side, then select Delete.
  1. There will be a pop-up to confirm if you want to delete the role and warn you that the deletion of the role cannot be undone. If you still want to delete the role, select Okay.
  1. The role will be removed from the list and no longer available on the server.

After you delete a role, all people assigned to that role will no longer be assigned to them, but will still be part of the @everyone role.

If you delete a role that has already been granted multiple permissions, such as the administrator role, if you are the owner of the server, you will still have full admin capabilities. However, anyone else you’ve designated as an administrator will lose their permissions if the role is deleted. So keep this in mind when exiting roles.

Add, manage and remove roles in discord

Creating a Discord server can be a great experience. It allows you to gather friends or people with similar interests. Creating Discord roles adds another layer to your Discord server to make things more secure for moderators or fun and interesting by adding unique roles members can achieve Okay.

Since you always have the ability to edit and delete roles, it makes the whole process much smoother, and you won’t have the headache of trying to create your own Discord server environment.

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