Grubhub vs. DoorDash – Which is better?

App-based food delivery services have grown in popularity in recent years with the rise of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. Today’s world is more instantaneous and mobile than we could have imagined a decade ago.

The emergence of the fast food industry offers both convenience and affordability compared to traditional restaurants. What was a convenience decades ago can be seen as an inconvenience today, and third-party food delivery apps are finding ways to challenge that.

Uber Eats became popular thanks to its car-sharing service, but there are many similar apps – notably Grubhub and DoorDash. However, each of these food delivery services is represented by a very different set of features and applications.

In this article, we’ll compare Grubhub and DoorDash so you can decide which of these two popular food delivery services is the easiest to use.

Grubhub vs. DoorDash: Availability

If you’re in a major US city, you should have no problem accessing dozens of restaurants through both Grubhub and DoorDash. Otherwise, you might have a hard time — especially with DoorDash.

Although DoorDash has achieved availability in all 50 states As of January 2019, Grubhub’s business area is much broader. Above it Official website, Grubhub boasts more than 300,000 restaurants (155,000 partners) in more than 3,200 US cities. In addition to the US, it is also available in London.

Although DoorDash is a bit small compared to DoorDash, it is still available in key locations in the US and Canada.

Due to many years in the industry and a much larger market share, Grubhub is more accessible throughout the United States.

Grubhub vs. DoorDash: Costs and Fees

Fees are the biggest downside to using a service like Grubhub or DoorDash. These apps will ask you to pay a service fee, a delivery fee, and a tip. With DoorDash, you will often have to pay a service fee for both DoorDash and the restaurant you order from.

Grubhub usually doesn’t include restaurant service fees but usually requires a minimum order quantity. Both services allow you to enter a custom limit amount if the preset range is unsatisfactory.

Grubhub has a higher number of national partners than DoorDash, allowing them to offer more competitive pricing. Grubhub also offers a wider variety of special promotions.

Above Exclusive right page of the Grubhub app you can find some free shipping and cashback offers. Switch from Redeem arrive Sword You can also earn other rewards by spending a minimum amount at eligible restaurants.

DoorDash also regularly offers special promotions — some of their featured restaurants offer $0 delivery on your first order or for orders over $10 — but Grubhub’s comes with More savings in the long run.

If DoorDash is your thing and you’re trying to save more, check out the Cash App debit card. Cash App offers several Promotions including one that unlocks 10% off every DoorDash order. This can really add up.

When it comes to costs and fees, it’s mostly a matter of which restaurant you prefer and how you choose to use each app.

Grubhub vs. DoorDash: Subscription Service

In February of this year, Grubhub finally released a subscription service to compete directly with DoorDash. Grubhub+ offers free unlimited shipping and 10% cashback. It comes with a free 14-day trial and will then bill at $9.99/month after that.

DoorDash’s DashPass has been around longer and offers free shipping on orders of $10 or more. Its free trial period is twice as long, 30 days.

Both services only offer free delivery at select restaurants. With Grubhub having a wider selection of restaurants, you’ll get more benefits from using Grubhub+. Grubhub+ 10% off is especially good if you’re not a Cash App debit cardholder and can’t unlock DoorDash Boost 10% off. Otherwise, both services are almost the same.

Due to more perks and free shipping-eligible restaurants, Grubhub+ shines on DashPass.

Grubhub vs. DoorDash: Ease of Use

Both Grubhub and DoorDash are available on iOS and Android, so it’s an even playing field in that respect. However, DoorDash UI/UX is much more impressive than Grubhub.

DoorDash promotions and specials are all neatly organized at the top of the app’s home screen. When you open the DoorDash app, you’ll instantly have access to your favorite restaurants, DoorDash’s national partners, free shipping offers, and more.

Grubhub’s app also shows your favorites, partners, and offers, but they’re a bit less accessible when you open the app — you’ll have to scroll down the list of restaurants to see them in a more fragmented way. .

However, on My Grubhub , you can find a consolidated view of your restaurants, saved deals, and more. The problem is that most users easily assume this page is related to your account information, so it is often overlooked.

DoorDash is also ahead in the features department thanks to group orders. Group ordering allows you to send a link to a friend who also has the app installed, allowing them to place an order with you.

Both you and this friend can add your items to the order separately, and DoorDash even sometimes offers exclusive coupons and promotions for group orders. All members of the ordering team will then be able to view delivery status and map once the order is placed.

DoorDash’s app feels more polished and intuitive than Grubhub’s. If we have to choose one of these services based solely on the design of the application, DoorDash is the right choice.

In a nutshell, Grubhub is more widely available than DoorDash, and Grubhub+ is a better deal overall than DashPass, assuming you don’t have a Cash App debit card. However, when it comes to user-friendliness and features, DoorDash’s app looks much better than Grubhub’s. It’s a very healthy competition between these two services.

We want to know if you prefer Grubhub to DoorDash and why. Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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