GOG vs Steam: What’s the difference?

Steam Probably the most famous platform for PC games on the internet, but GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is rapidly gaining popularity due to its selection of classic games. That is not the only reason.

GOG is also a leading advocate for DRM-free games on the internet. In other words, if you buy and download a game from GOG, it is your perpetual ownership. You can burn it to disc and save it for posterity. Both platforms are worth having, but each excels in different areas.

Regardless of which platform you choose, this is a great time to be a PC gamer.

GOG Vs. Steam: Game Library and Ownership

When it comes to the number of games available, Steam is clearly the winner. With a reported library of over 10,000 games (and more added every day thanks to Steam Greenlight), the platform is a platform of diversity. You can find every kind of game you can think of, many of which are Steam exclusives.

On the other hand, GOG has just over 2,500 games. The fundamental difference between Steam games and GOG games is that GOG is completely DRM-free. If you buy a game on this platform, it’s yours – period. Steam games do a check to make sure you’re connected to Steam. In theory, it’s possible to lose your Steam library if Steam disappears. While that’s not likely to happen, it’s something to keep in mind.

As long as the games are downloaded, it doesn’t matter if GOG disappears. You can still play all the titles. GOG tends to focus on older, classic titles rather than new releases. That said, many of the latest AAA titles are still on GOG.

However, GOG does not have an independent presence like Steam. Steam has many anime and games developed by the east, while GOG mainly focuses on western games, ARPG, etc.

GOG Vs Steam: User Base

Steam reported around 120 million active users in 2020. That number makes up the majority of the entire PC gamer base. Chances are, if you have a gaming PC, you have Steam. GOG doesn’t share this kind of data publicly like Steam does, so it’s difficult to determine how many users the platform currently has.

That said, GOG saw 208% growth over 2020, with a 392% growth in new user signups. The platform is growing, even if it has a long way to go to compete with Steam.

GOG Vs Steam: Crossplay and Multiplayer

One of the most important considerations for a PC gamer is whether the game is a cross game. If you want a DRM-free game, you can buy it on GOG – but if all your friends buy the game on Steam and it’s not cross-game, you’ll be playing solo.

Unfortunately, many GOG titles are not crossplay. Instead, they connect to GOG Galaxy servers rather than Steam servers, although some games may connect via a direct IP connection.

With this in mind, you’ll want to lean on whatever platform your friends are using. While GOG Galaxy allows you to connect your Steam account, the titles usually do not feature cross-play. If you’re interested in single player games, that shouldn’t make much of a difference – but if you’re more interested in playing multiplayer games with your friends, buy the top games a foundation.

While both platforms have friend lists, Steam’s social services are implemented much better than GOG’s. There’s still a lot of room for improvement on the GOG front, but it holds a lot of promise.

GOG Vs Steam: Pricing

Both Steam and GOG regularly offer massive discounts on many titles. Between Steam’s summer and winter sales, as well as a host of other holiday sales, you can find games for as low as a dollar.

GOG tends to offer more themed sales, such as discounts on RPG or RTS collectibles. GOG offers discounts on game collections, especially if you already have titles in the franchise. It’s a great way to invest in an entire collection of a series.

Steam and GOG also have different approaches to refunds. Steam allows you to request a refund within two weeks, as long as you have less than two hours of total playtime. GOG has no playtime limit and allows users to claim a refund within 30 days of purchase.

GOG Vs. Steam: Platform and User Interface

The Steam platform and interface have largely remained the same since the platform was first launched. There have been a few graphical improvements to the overlay, but it looks pretty much the same as the overlay has always been. Steam doesn’t connect to many other platforms, although select games will support cross-save between Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can also stream games from your PC to your TV via the Steam Link peripheral.

GOG Galaxy is a new platform that allows users to connect Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation Network, etc. Any game compatible with GOG will appear in that list, allowing users to download and play them on their PC for a limited time. This is an especially great way to group all of your titles into one place for easier searching.

Which is better for you?

Both Steam and GOG have their strengths and weaknesses, but neither is better than the other. If you want classic games with actual ownership, GOG is the best bet – but if you’re looking for an easy platform for online multiplayer with your friends, then Steam should be the platform. platform you should choose.

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