Best free PS4 games to play right now

Sometimes you may feel an itch when you start playing a brand new game, but you probably don’t want to spend money on a game. Thankfully, the free games are bigger than ever and there are tons of options to download. Many of them can even match the games you pay for.

However, when it comes to free PS4 games, what you get can sometimes be a mixed bag. It’s hard to tell if what you’re downloading is a quality game or something that you can tell very little effort has been made.

So you don’t have to spend time trial and error just to find a game to play, here is a list of the best free PS4 games you can download right now.

If you’re looking to see what the hype for battle royale games is, then Apex Legends is a great place to fix that. And, what’s more, it’s completely free to start playing. This game has gained popularity as an alternative to Fortnite and it sets itself apart from this and other battle royale games with its fast-paced action and tight controls.

Apex Legends is played as a first-person shooter game where you play in a team of three among 20 other teams. Another innovative feature of this game is the ping communication system, which allows you to talk to your teammates even if you don’t have a microphone to use.

If you are a lover of MOBA (massively multiplayer online battle arena) games like League of Legends or Dota 2, this game will be right for you. It works very similarly to these games, where you play in a team of five other players against an opposing team.

This game revolves around the use of several different gods or goddesses from different religious temples, such as Greece or Egypt. The game uses mythological characters as playable characters, and you have special attacks and powers to use for each character.

Smite is one of the most played MOBA games out there, so it’s definitely worth a try if you like strategic, team-based PS4 games.

Looking for a game to play similar to Destiny? Or maybe you just love sci-fi shooting games? Warframe is a third-person game that involves exploring an open world as a race of aliens called the Tenno. These creatures use robotic armor, known as Warframe, which provides abilities and weapons.

You can play through missions alone, or you can team up with up to four other people to complete them. You also gain experience from quests that help you upgrade your Warframe.

This free-to-play PS4 game is also nice in that it really tries to avoid giving people paying for in-game features too much of an advantage. You can get every item or upgrade completely in the game if you play enough.

This game is based on the city of the same name by Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms. For fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Neverwinter is a great choice for hours of gameplay.

Neverwinter is very story-driven and offers simple gameplay for an engaging yet casual experience. You can choose from eight different classes from Dungeons & Dragons to play and explore Neverwinter, with different powers and abilities for each.

The fighting game and the platform game come together in this colorful 2D world, similar to the gameplay of Super Smash Bros. It’s also easy to pick up, with simple yet satisfying controls.

Your goal is to take down your opponent by damaging their character. You have a lot of lives consumed each time you are defeated, and whoever runs out first loses. You can choose from 50 characters to play with, and there are also different skins that let you play as characters from a variety of other franchises, such as WWE, Tomb Raider, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe.

DC Universe lets you create your own superhero (or villain) and play in the world of DC comics. You can interact with famous heroes and villains and explore famous areas of the DC universe.

This game is an action MMO game that combines a compelling storyline based on the DC universe with familiar MMO style gameplay. Best of all, it’s completely free to play. Although the game has been around for a while, it still receives regular updates and has an active user base.

You’ll be able to spend a lot of time in this free PS4 game, and if you’re a superhero fan, this is definitely worth considering. It’s an incredibly unique game and remains fun no matter how long you play.

The Fallout franchise is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular out there. Fallout Shelter was created as a mini spinoff game that plays as a simulation where you manage (you guessed it) a fallout shelter.

This is a great free PS4 game if you like emulators or need a break from playing the rest of the Fallout franchise. The game includes some microtransactions in the game to reduce the time waiting for things to happen, but if you have some time and patience, you can play the game 100% free.

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