Alternative browsers you may not have heard of before

You may have heard of popular web browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge, Safari – but what about others? If you want a unique web browser that isn’t something everyone else is using, you have options.

We think you’d be surprised at the number of “unknown” browsers out there. Some of them have unique features and others are quite simple, but you may prefer one of these alternative browsers to a popular one.

Check out our picks for some of the more cool alternative browsers you can install right now across multiple devices.

Epic (Windows and Mac)

If you like Chrome but you want something more secure, Epic might be right for you. It’s based on Chrome and so looks a lot like it, but has some built-in features that set it apart and make it a more secure browser.

  • Supports encrypted proxies to hide your traffic from snooping eyes.
  • Easily see which trackers Epic blocks on the websites you visit.
  • Disable plugins and block ads in just a few clicks.
  • Block suggestions in the address bar.
  • Zero error reporting tactics.
  • No history, DNS cache, web cache, autofill data, passwords or third-party cookies are saved.
  • Delete a lot of data on each exit: preferences, shortcuts, history, visited URLs, databases, favorites, login data, indexed databases, web pages most visited and cookies.

Ghost Browser (Windows and Mac)

Ghost is marketed as an alternative web browser to help you be more productive. In addition to the obvious focus shift you won’t find in popular browsers, this also there are premium tiers you can buy if you want more than what the free version offers.

  • Installation is extremely easy; just one click.
  • Categorize tabs into workspaces for easier control.
  • Import extensions from Google Chrome.
  • Quick access to links to settings, history, downloads, and bookmarks.

The free version of Ghost browser is limited to three sessions and three workspaces, does not support incognito mode, does not allow you to create browser profiles, and requires you to create a user account to get started. .

Torch (Windows only)

Torch’s motto is “get more from the web, ” That is why this alternative web browser may not look like anything you are used to. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that it installs with some tools that focus on media files.

  • One Download media button takes streaming files from sites like YouTube and downloads them to your computer.
  • The built-in torrent client lets you search for torrents and even stream them as they’re downloading.
  • Web app shortcuts deliver online games and music streaming in just a few clicks.
  • A personalized start page button that takes you to when you open a new tab.
  • Change the way you view your Facebook page with the built-in Facelift button.

Brave (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS)

An alternative web browser faster than Chrome and Firefox? That’s what Brave promised in the first place, so if your current browser is too slow, you can try this. In fact, Brave advertises speed up eight many times faster on mobile devices.

However, that’s not really the main focus of Brave as a unique web browser. It mainly focuses on privacy and security. That’s why when you open a new tab you will immediately see some statistics: how many trackers were blocked, how many ads the browser stopped and how much time you saved. time when using Brave compared to another browser.

Brave Browser also has Brave Rewards, which are rewards you earn by viewing ads that respect privacy. You do not need to use the rewards system, but if you do, you will be given a crypto wallet to collect your Brave tokens (called BAT coins). Your money can be used to support the websites you visit.

Here are some more notable features:

  • Upgrade sites to use HTTPS whenever possible to support encrypted transmissions.
  • Automatically block malware, malicious ads, and phishing.
  • Support most Chrome Extensions.
  • Has a built-in password manager.
  • Allows you to decline site requests for your location.
  • Block autoplay media by default.

Tips: Payment procedures these browser tools to protect your privacy online.

Browser Midori (Windows, Android and Linux)

Midori Browser is advertised as a “lightweight, fast, free and open source web browser” and rightly so. Here are some of its defining features:

  • Attention to privacy; use DuckDuckGo as default search engine.
  • Browser extension support.
  • Use a clean interface with easy-to-access menus and buttons.

Min (Windows only)

Min is a browser for minimalists. There aren’t many extras and the user interface is very simple, without the extra distracting icons and menus.

You can open new tabs just like you can in most browsers, but because the tab is intended to help you work, additional tabs can be organized into groups called mission.

Here are some other features:

  • Concentration mode hide all other open tabs except the one you are currently viewing
  • DuckDuckGo is the default search engine in Min but you can change it to several others, including Google, Yandex, Wikipedia, or even a custom engine.
  • Third-party ads and trackers are blocked by default, and you can also block images and scripts.
  • Dark mode is supported.
  • Several customizable keyboard shortcuts make navigating the browser easy.

Blisko (Windows and Mac)

Web application developers rejoice! There is a web browser built just for you called Blisk. Ideal for both freelancers and teams, this browser is not only focused on browsing like your regular browser, but also focused on development, which means you can use Blisk’s toolbox to Debug and test web pages.

Here are some other features:

  • View mobile and desktop versions of the app at the same time.
  • Display the page on a phone, tablet, or desktop device.
  • There is a dark and light theme.
  • Turn device scrolling or syncing on or off.
  • Easily rotate the emulator device right in the browser.
  • Based on Chrome, so the interface can be a bit familiar.

You can see payment options to decide if you want more features.

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