9 best shared/group calendar apps

Keeping your schedule straight can be a chore, especially if you’re coordinating with a lot of people. This can happen if you’re trying to track family events, a small business, or manage a project with team members.

Having an app that lets you share and integrate your calendar with lots of other people is a great productivity tool. You can find apps like this on both the iPhone’s App Store and the Android’s Google Play store. In this list, we’ve picked the best shared calendar apps — the ones that are user-friendly and work well. Make team scheduling easier than ever with these apps.


This app focuses primarily on keeping the family schedule straight and has many features to help with this. It’s easy to add others to a shared calendar because all members of your family share the same account. You just need to tell the added members the password after adding them. Everyone with a password can access the same tools — calendar, daily events, shopping lists, to-do lists, and notes.

Overall, the app works well and makes planning with your family calendar very simple and hassle-free. The free version comes with all of these features available, but you can upgrade even more, such as a birthday tracker, shared contacts, and the ability to export calendars. This upgrade will also remove the ads of the free version.

FamCal for iOS

FamCal for Android

Tiny calendar

To share a calendar through this app, you first need to connect to your iOS iCloud calendar or your Google calendar and then share it with everyone through it. Then you can all view the same calendar using this app. It’s a great choice if you have multiple calendars on different platforms and want to connect them all in one place, receive notifications for your events, and share them with others. This is a free and ad-free app.

Tiny calendar for iOS

Tiny calendar for Android


SimpleCal works a lot like Tiny Calendar, because you need to connect your Apple or Google calendar first to add other members. However, there are many valuable features in this application, such as the ability to change the appearance of your calendar, see the weather, change the calendar label, etc.

The calendar itself has a neat design that makes it easy to see when your and others’ events unfold. This is a free app, but you can upgrade to remove the ads.

SimpleCal for iOS


GroupCal makes creating multiple shared calendars easy. All you need to do is create a calendar in the app, then email the link or select people from your contact list to add them. This means you can share calendars with different groups — or have a completely personal calendar as well as a shared calendar in one place.

You can open Main Calendar to see events from every calendar you’re in in a larger calendar.

GroupCal for iOS

GroupCal for Android


If you only need to share your calendar with a few people, Raft might be the perfect choice for you. You can create a calendar and share it with your partner or friends, and you can also view their calendar events.

To add someone else, all you need to do is search for their username or add them from your contacts. You can create plans that the people you add can see and you can exchange messages with them, all in this free app.

raft for iOS


This shared calendar app is designed to be very simple, making it perfect for use with a group of other people for time management. You can create a group by adding other people through email or phone book.

You can sync your Google or iOS calendar to import events you may already have. You can also edit your calendar directly in the app, assign different colors, and create reminders. From the calendar view, it’s easy to see all the new events of the day at once — in a list or in agenda view — to see what time each event happens. This is a very well designed and great app for creating shared calendars. The app is free and offers premium upgrades to get features like different calendar views.

Calendar for iOS


If you appreciate lots of features, TimeTree is a great calendar app to try. You can create multiple calendars — personal calendars or those you want to share. You can send event invitations to other people and any calendar by sending a link to the people you want to join.

Calendars are very customizable and you can adapt them to any purpose you need. Having more than one shared calendar with this app is one of the best features that most other apps don’t have. It is also completely free to use all the features.

TimeTree for iOS

TimeTree for Android


Family planning is made super easy with Cozi. Of course, it has a calendar that you can share among family members, but you can also make lists and even save recipes. You can add members via email and add events for everyone to see on the main calendar.

The list section is a useful feature, as you can use it to create shopping lists, track household chores, shared to-dos, and more. Cozi is a great app for families who need to get organized. The free plan allows you to use the full app, but by paying to upgrade you can use the app without ads and some extra features like monthly calendar view and tracker. birthday tracking.

Cozi for iOS

Cozi for Android


Calendar is another app that uses your iOS or Google’s online calendar to create shared, collaborative calendars with others. This app is great if you want to create detailed events for your calendar and combine all your calendars in one place.

For created events, there are many customization options. You can set the location, color-code it, set a link to a video call to schedule a meeting, or add notes. You can also view events in daily list view, week view, or month view. The app is free to use, but you can upgrade to premium for extra features like weather and special calendars.

Calendar for iOS

Manage busy schedules with these apps

No matter who you need to coordinate your schedule with, whether it’s your coworkers, your family, or just some close friends, there’s a mobile app to help you manage your tasks or working process. Without schedulers like these, miscommunication and conflicting events can cause problems, but now you know there are plenty of shared calendar apps out there to help prevent that. .

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