9 best language learning apps that work

Whether you’re planning to visit a new place, about to meet your fiancé’s parents, or add a skill set to your resumeLearning a foreign language is definitely a practical skill.

A few decades back, you would have to search for a pocket dictionary to help you with simple translations. However, if you lose your copy or forget to pack it, you may have trouble talking to people who don’t speak your language or finding your way around.

However, today you can still read books in the language you want to learn, take online classes, watch YouTube videos, or even listen to audio CDs. However, it’s not always possible to carry all those books or CDs with you, making it more difficult to study wherever you are.

With a language learning app, however, you can quickly learn a few words, phrases, or sentences in another language right from your mobile device.

Unlike pocket dictionaries, these apps are easy to integrate into your routine wherever you are and learn foreign languages ​​without having to take foreign language classes. Another option is to use Google Translate to translate some words, images, or web pages.

The best foreign language learning app

Here is our roundup of the best language learning apps that will help you learn a new language without scratching your head over grammar.

Duolingo (Android, iOS, Windows)

Duolingo is a free, fun and addictive language learning app that helps you learn a new language at your own pace. In fact, one study found that 34 hours of app usage is equivalent to one semester’s of college language courses, which proves the app’s effectiveness of mini-lessons.

Through personalized lessons and exercises tailored to your learning style, you can learn and review vocabulary easily and effectively, get instant grades and earn points for your answers. correct.

Gamification is poured into each lesson to make the app even more fun, plus rewards like virtual currency, level upgrades, and fluency points push you to master new words, phrases, and grammar. You can also review the lessons and work on your weaknesses at your own time.

Languages ​​you can learn include French, English, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Czech, Swahili, Greek Greek, Romanian, Polish, Russian and many more.

Rosetta stone (Android, iOS)

Rosetta Stone is another stone Free learning platform has been teaching people new languages ​​for over two decades. Once you download the app, you can flip between 24 different languages, or if you like, you can focus on personalized learning based on your motivation.

Its proven immersive method helps you learn the language visually through pictures tied to common phrases and get instant feedback to perfect your pronunciation. It also offers Extended Learning features from where you can access different types of exercises and you can also download them to do everything offline if you have a poor internet connection.

Phrasebooks with basic words and phrases related to hotels, restaurants, and getting around are readily available, especially if you are traveling, but you can purchase additional phrasebooks related to emergencies. levels, colors, shopping and currency.

The app syncs your progress across all your devices, so you can learn basic words and phrases from any device or location on the go. The languages ​​you can learn include French, English, Japanese, German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Irish, Hebrew, etc.

Memrise (Android, iOS)

This free language learning app uses simple visual tools to guide you through each lesson so you can easily remember what you learn.

Attractive, simple and friendly interface so you can practice more and expand your vocabulary in a fun and easy way. Videos include native speakers saying every word you learn, along with a recording of the word or phrase, and at the end of each lesson is a quiz with short questions that test what you’ve learned and what you’ll see. get rewards in the form of points for correct answers.

There are over 100 languages ​​you can learn including French, German, Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Turkish and Russian among others. other language.

Busuu (Android, iOS)

Busuu boasts over 100 million users and offers languages ​​in complete lesson packages that include voice training and exercise assessments from native speakers.

Proficiency tests are available to help you know at which level to start, and there is a wide range of learning activities including a large amount of content delivered via basic flashcards along with exercises. helps you with pronunciation, dialogue, grammar and writing.

To test your knowledge, the app offers fun quizzes and vocabulary games as well as an offline mode so you can download lessons and learn without an internet connection.

Languages ​​you can learn include Spanish, English, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Turkish Polish, Chinese and French.

Mondly (Android, iOS)

Mondly is an easy-to-use language learning app that lets you learn in your native language so you can start speaking fluently right away.

It includes in-depth lessons on more than 20 topics in a real-world setting, with engaging content for learners of all levels, all in a colorful design that makes learning fun.

Plus, if you want to practice your conversation skills, there’s a chatbot with voice recognition to guide you, activities that reinforce learning, quizzes and games, and edge boards. Track your progress.

The first six lessons are free for only one language, but you can unlock more languages ​​by upgrading to a paid subscription. The languages ​​you can learn include English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Hindi, Bulgarian, Croatian, Turkish, Polish, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Finnish, Czech, Swedish, Danish and more.

Babbel (Android, iOS)

This is another subscription-based app that offers 14 different languages ​​that you can learn through listening and repeating words and phrases, then doing short quizzes to test what you learn. .

Its mini-sized lessons are 10-15 minutes long suitable for beginners and advanced learners, and this makes it easy to learn on the go or if you have a short amount of time between schedules. your program. It also syncs progress across all your devices so it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

Built-in speech recognition helps you get your pronunciation right through real-life conversations, and a review manager helps you retain information and boost your confidence when speaking a new language.

You can also download lessons and learn offline. However, you only get one lesson for free, so if you need full access to learning materials for any language, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

The languages ​​you can learn include French, English, Norwegian, German, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Brazilian, Russian, Portuguese, Swiss Dictionary, Dutch and Danish.

HelloTalk (Android, iOS)

HelloTalk takes a different approach to helping you learn a new language. Instead of showing words and phrases on flashcards or pictures, it connects you to native speakers of the language you want to learn and in return, you help them learn your language.

Through a full-featured chat experience, you can learn by immersing yourself in other people’s languages ​​while still being a teacher. Just choose your entry level, then choose a native speaker to study with.

There are over 20 million native speakers that you can filter by country or age and you can learn more than 150 different languages ​​including English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Thai French, German, Italian, Hindi, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Vietnamese among many others.

AccelaStudy’s Essential App (iOS)

The AccelaStudy Essential App is an easy-to-use platform that provides apps for each language you want to learn. The words in the apps vary, but all the features are the same, and you can learn using memory cards, spaced repetition, audio quizzes and more while building your lesson. you based on what you want to focus on.

It also supports offline use and several learning modes including a hands-free mode so you can study on the go, especially if you’re driving.

The languages ​​you can learn include Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Romanian and Ukrainian and others.

Beelinguapp (Android, iOS)

Beelinguapp offers a unique experience for new language learners through storybooks with audio book readers in various dialects.

Each story you read is displayed in your native language and the new language you are learning on the same screen, and words are highlighted with the narration. This way, you can learn pronunciation quickly and enjoy your favorite stories like Cinderella and others in a new language.

Speak in different voices

Speaking more than one language has a number of benefits not only for your resume or friends list, but also for your perception and memory. With the best language learning apps, you have no excuse not to learn Turkish, German, Russian, Norwegian or even Thai.

Do you want to learn a new language? Have you used any of these apps before? If so, do share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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