7 best Twitter apps for Windows 10

Twitter has over 300 million users who use it to stay on top of news, share trending stories, follow their favorite websites and public figures, or let the world know what they’re up to.

If you use Twitter on your Windows 10 PC, you may have noticed that there aren’t many good third-party Twitter alternatives that go beyond the basics. This is due to the strictness of Twitter API restrictions on developers, which broke most of these third party clients and users have no choice but to use standard web application.

Thankfully, you can still find a number of Twitter apps for Windows 10 that offer features that best suit the way you tweet.

Best Twitter Apps for Windows 10

first. Twitter for Windows

If you’re looking for simplicity in a desktop app, Twitter’s official app for Windows 10 works really well.

The dedicated app doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other Twitter apps have, but you get a single column view, the ability to switch between messages and notifications, and you can even compose tweets.

You can also search and embed GIFs in tweets, and if you want any new features, you can click the smiley icon and send feedback to Microsoft.

Twitter for Windows is easy to navigate but lacks some functionality. For example, you can’t access hashtags or trending topics at a glance, filter searches, or schedule tweets.

2. Tweeten

Tweeten is a popular Twitter client for Windows 10 based on TweetDeck. The app lets you download GIFs, choose emojis, and has the same nice column-based interface from where you can keep track of everything that’s happening on Twitter.

The multi-column interface helps you to monitor all your accounts simultaneously, monitor Twitter Lists, notifications, activity and direct messages.

Plus, you can use the app’s powerful search feature to follow a topic, search and save GIFs, switch between light or dark themes, and even schedule your tweets. .

Tweeten only works with Windows 10 Home and Pro.

3. Fenice for Twitter

Fenice is a premium Twitter app for Windows 10 that delivers an immersive experience designed for the big screen.

The universal app offers a number of unique features including a familiar user interface, interactive notifications that allow you to like, reply to or retweet mentions, and add memes to your tweets.

You also get the usual features like multiple accounts, thumbnail previews, quote retweets, and the ability to adjust colors and feeds. Additionally, you can shorten links from Fenice, and format and spell-check edited tweets before posting them.

Fenice for Twitter also lets you drag and drop photos into tweets, schedule tweets later, and view live announcements so you’re always up to date. The app offers a free 24-hour trial so you can test it out before signing up for a premium.

Note: Some Twitter features may not be available on Fenice for Twitter due to API limitations.

4. Cushion

If you use Twitter account In a professional capacity, Buffer is a great choice. With this app, you can maintain a steady stream of tweets all day long while managing your account.

Buffer helps you build a list of scheduled posts and then track their performance as they appear to see which posts get the best response and when. Not only that, but Buffer also allows you to manage other social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Facebook.

The app can be used for personal or work purposes and comes with a free or paid version. The free version lets you connect an account and queue up to 10 posts to be published later, shorten links, and select images to attach to your tweets.

5. TwitDuck

If you already use TweetDeck to manage your Twitter account and need an alternative Twitter app for Windows 10, then TwitDuck is an option worth considering.

A third-party Twitter client for Windows designed to fill the void left by TweetDeck and provide similar functionality.

These include the ability to filter out tweets, find activity and notifications on the same screen, and customize your feed to prioritize trending topics, direct messages, and mentions.

6. Tweetium

Tweetium has a distinct design that helps you get the most out of Twitter with minimal effort. The app works with any device and orientation, whether you’re using a mouse, touch, or keyboard.

Plus, it’s fast, reliable, and focuses on performance and reliability thanks to a fast, modern user interface with multi-threaded synchronization and a flexible architecture.

Tweetium also offers a live, connected Twitter experience with up-to-date chats where replies appear instantly.

The app also offers customization options like colors, themes, background images, and other features like Giphy integration, live tile support for direct messages, and new mentions.

7. Tweetz

Tweetz is an easy-to-use Twitter client for Windows 10 to copy Twitter data to a desktop client.

It’s very simple in that all it does is let you post and tag from your computer, so you won’t find pro features like Buffer’s or Fenice for Twitter.

Manage your Tweets

Twitter may not be popular with third-party customers, but these 8 Twitter apps for Windows 10 will help you browse the social network and manage your tweets with ease.

You can rely on the basic website for your laptop or desktop browsing habits, but these apps come with great design, features, and settings that are worth a try.

Do you have a favorite Twitter app for Windows 10? Share with us in the comments.

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