7 best software versions of Solitaire for Windows 10

Solitaire has provided a fun way to pass the time in offices, classrooms, and homes around the world since 1990. Microsoft first started to include its own version of this classic card game with Windows 3.0, with the base game evolving with new graphics and features since then.

However, if you are a solitaire addict, you can enter the market for something a little different. There are hundreds of different versions of solitaire, both online and on desktop. Here, we’ll focus on Solitaire on the desktop, with a walk through of seven of the best software versions of Solitaire for Windows 10.

Fans of Spider Solitaire, a variation of the standard Klondike Solitaire card game, will be in for a lot of fun from the Spider Solitaire Collection. Collection is the right word to use, as it offers four different Spider Solitaire games for you to try.

The interface is clean and modern, with prominent menu buttons that let you switch games, go back to your last turn, and ask for a hint on your next move. You can also check how you play compared to past solitaire games, with leaderboards and win/loss statistics available for you to see.

Spider Solitaire Collection Free is also skinnable with available custom themes, backgrounds, colors and card sets.

From the same development team as Spider Solitaire Collection Free, Klondike Solitaire Collection Free offers many of the same features, a common interface, and some of the same themes available.

Klondike is just another name for the type of solitaire card game used with the original Microsoft Solitaire, so expect the gameplay of this solitaire collection to feel very similar to the original.

Like the Spider Solitaire Collection, this Klondike Collection game offers four Klondike game modes, each with different rules and “allowed” moves. However, the leaderboard remains the same.

If you are confused about the rules for any of the variation games, you can review them by clicking Than > Rule.

Simple Solitaire for Windows 10, available in the Microsoft Store, isn’t as polished as the other solitaire games on this list, but the name says it all. This game is “just” a card game, with a set of rules that follow the same basic Klondike game as the original game.

That said, there are some improvements. You can change the background and card backs, with six different variations for each. Like the original Solitaire, Simple Solitaire also offers a hint mode to help you if you get stuck.

An instruction menu, with pictures, helps explain the rules to potential solitaire newbies. There is also a statistics menu, which tells you your overall win/loss score.

The only downside to Simple Solitaire is the banner ad at the bottom of the screen, but you can bypass this by turning off the Internet while playing.

Other solitaire collections may have several different versions to play with, but few go as far as the BVS Solitaire Collection to satisfy gamers, with no less than 535 different solitaire games. You can even modify the rules, creating your own solitaire variations in the process.

Like many other collections, the BVS Solitaire Collection can be customized, with hundreds of different themes and card backs. A hint mode is included, along with end-game reminders to let you know when you’re not progressing, and a multiplayer stats table to help track your performance against others.

The only downside to BVS Solitaire is the cost. Although there is a 30-day trial, this collection will cost $19.95. That may be a small cost to pay for so many solitaire variations, but this could cost all but the most serious solitaire addicts.

As one of the oldest third-party versions of solitaire for Windows 10, SolSuite Solitaire continues to entertain and impress. This classic game has been a solid alternative to Microsoft’s since 1998.

Produced by the same company as the Free Klondike and Solitaire Collection games, SolSuite is an all-in-one alternative that holds 732 different solitaire games for users to play — nearly 200 more than the Collection BVS Solitaire set.

It offers more than 300 different sets, 100 backgrounds, game hints, sound effects and autoplay mode to help you solve difficult games. SolSuite also comes with a multiplayer mode with shared stats, allowing you to compete to beat games faster than your friends.

Like BVS Solitaire, SolSuite is not free, costing $19.95 for users. A limited trial version, which reduces the number of card shuffles per game, is available for download.

For open source enthusiasts, PySolFC offers a free alternative to paid solitaire game collections like SolSuite. It contains 1000 different solitaire card games, offering the largest number of solitaire game variations to play in one package.

It has many of the common features you’ll find in other top solitaire games on Windows 10, including various card sets and themes, gameplay statistics and a hint system that allows for autoplay, and much more. undo times.

The interface isn’t as sleek or modern as other solitaire games, but it’s still a good, free and open source alternative to playing the game on multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux.

Microsoft no longer includes original Solitaire on Windows10 PCs, but it does offer an alternative — the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. This new solitaire game combines several favorites, including the original Klondike-style Solitaire, FreeCell, and Spider Solitaire into a single package.

It’s a departure from typical Microsoft Solitaire gameplay, with daily challenges and gameplay experience points (XP) encouraging regular use. It comes with ads, but you can get rid of these by paying for a premium subscription ($10 a year).

The interface is fresh and modern, with gameplay hints and theme options available at the bottom. Achievements are linked to your Microsoft account, allowing you to “level up” (mostly to brag) on ​​multiple devices.

Enjoy Solitaire on Windows 10 and Mobile

Solitaire is a popular card game in its own right, so if you don’t like any of these Windows 10 solitaire games, you can find similar games on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can also play HTML5 version of solitaire in your browser by searching play solitaire in Google.

Other games and platforms are available if you’re looking for fun ways to pass the time, including through game subscription services.

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