6 best online resume creation services

Do you dream of finding a job? only Good for you? If you’ve ever had to look for a job, you know it requires a lot of time and effort. Spent days, weeks, even months browsing through job sites in hopes of finding what you need. But the hardest part is actually getting your dream job once you’ve found it.

When it comes to making the perfect first impression on a recruiter, a resume is your best weapon, and you better keep it sharp (and up to date). Whether you already have a resume or are in the process of creating one, you might need a little help with it.

There are countless resume/CV services out there. But there is no such thing as one size fits all. Go through the list of online resume tools we’ve put together and choose the perfect one for you.

What we like: This platform is completely free. There are no paid or subscription options. And it does not affect the quality of the content.

What we don’t like: The choice of templates is quite limited.

Price: free.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-navigate platform to create your resume, choose Resume.com and skip the rest of the options on this list. This resume builder is very intuitive and has all the basic options you could ever need. You can start from scratch or upload your existing resume and edit it on the platform.

Another option is to edit one of the 24 ready-to-use templates on Resume.com. You can then download your new resume in any format, generate a URL for it, or print it out right from the platform.

Resume.com also offers cover letter samples and tips on how to write them, depending on your career goals. Once you’re done, the site will redirect you to Indeed.com and you can start your job search right away.

What we like: you can create a Professional resume in just 15 minutes.

What we don’t like: auto-renew subscription policy.

Price: a year-long subscription for $7.95 per month or a 14-day trial for $1.95. If not canceled, the 14-day trial automatically renews to $39.95 per month.

If you want to create a resume that is not only basic but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it, Resume Genius could be your best bet. All you have to do is choose one of the templates on the website and then answer a series of questions about your education and work experience.

If you’re having trouble filling out any particular section, you can find prewritten examples that you can edit or use in your resume or cover letter. When you’re done, you can share your resume on Indeed.com or the Resume Gallery.

What we like: An extensive selection of over 1,000 resume templates.

What we don’t like: while most of the templates are free to use, premium designs will cost you $1 to download.

Price: free, with premium options. Canva Pro costs $12.95 per team member per month.

Canva is a great design tools to create custom images. It is also an excellent resume builder.

Canva has the most impressive collection of free templates offered online. You can find designs that only have simple text, as well as some more artistic and visual designs. You can also search them by category: Professional, Modern, Simple, Minimalist, etc

It is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a design that stands out. However, the platform does not offer any advice on the body of your resume. So probably not the best tool to use for a complete novice.

What we like: intuitive user interface.

What we don’t like: The free version allows you to create and download just one document.

Price: Free for one download. VisualCV Pro costs $12 per month.

VisualCV is a resume builder that offers a great easy-to-navigate user interface. It allows you to switch from text editor to visual editor and preview back and forth, making it easier for you to track your progress and tweak the end result.

While this is not a free resume service, it does allow you to download it for free once. The functions of the CV builder are quite limited, so we recommend using the free download option on your resume.

However, if you decide to go with a paid subscription, you’ll get access to features like Google Docs integration, performance tracking, resume sharing, and more.

What we like: unique infographic style resume templates look awesome.

What we don’t like: once you’ve chosen a template, you have to stick with it because visual elements aren’t exactly customizable.

Price: The free version includes up to 5 projects. The premium version costs $25 per month.

Visme is a unique resume builder that offers very stylish and modern resume templates. Visme is all about charts, data widgets, and infographics.

You can choose from 15 different templates based on your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. This platform is best for you if you are looking for a job in the creative field. With a heavy focus on images, your Visme resume is bound to grab the recruiter’s attention.

What we like: a very simple download process. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time perfecting every little detail, but still want a professional resume.

What we don’t like: Templates are not customizable. You can just replace the original text with your own.

Price: free.

COOLFREECV is possibly one of the most basic resume builder on our list. However, it comes with its own perks. For example, you don’t need to register or register to create and download your resume.

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The platform also saves you a lot of time by allowing you to download the desired template with just one click (Doc or Docx format). You can then change the text of your resume. Though you won’t be able to customize any of the template’s images.

You can also create a professional-looking resume using Google Docs’ resume templates. It’s a free and effective tool for job seekers who don’t want to waste time searching for their perfect resume builder service.

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