6 best math apps for kids

With the rapidly changing state of today’s education system, educators as well as parents must adapt to the use of technology in the classroom and at home. When it comes to teaching math to kids, it’s not always easy, especially for parents as you may not be trained to do it, so you should try the best you know how.

Thanks to math apps for kids, you no longer have to make up bedtime stories to learn math concepts. These apps cleverly teach kids the right concepts through games, quizzes, and other interactive content.

What to look for in the Math app for kids

Math apps designed to teach children of different ages about the four basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, but just how you choose to The right app for your child?

Ideally, a good math app for kids should:

  • Provide unique experiences that children can’t get in the classroom or the real world.
  • Encourage kids to explore, create, and navigate independently in the app with built-in limits, rewards, and forces to keep them around longer.
  • Engage children through interactive features without distracting their learning or reducing their comprehension. They include interactive, responsive, and animated features that help with understanding in addition to entertaining children.
  • Encourage real-life interaction between children and parents, or with their friends to facilitate learning. Ideally, they should encourage conversation and play.
  • Can be used both online and offline, especially for children who want to learn on the go.

Monster Math turns math into a light and fun game for kids through characters like Maxx, who teach kids some basic arithmetic that complements what they learned in elementary school.

It provides fun animations for kids with arcade style gameplay and you can set the difficulty level by level.

Your child will learn many skills while helping Maxx save his friend Dextra by battling enemies and exploring math through simple and engaging games. The downside is that the rules aren’t clear and the answer choices can be confusing for kids.

This intuitive math app for kids keeps them on adventures with cute numbers called Nooms. It helps them solve long addition and subtraction equations through visualizing and conceptualizing such operations.

DragonBox Numbers teaches kids ages 4 to 9 how to solve simple equations, but DragonBox Big Numbers, for kids ages 5 to 9, teaches them to solve more complex arithmetic through elaborate adventures to collect and trade resources while playing the game.

Apps provide digital versions of the physics learning aids teachers give children to help them grasp theoretical math concepts. Older kids can continue with Euclidean geometry and algebra in the DragonBox series.

It’s an addictive math game app with cute graphics that helps kids learn algebra at their own pace. Although the games are short and there are no instructions on how to play, it is still one of the most ingenious apps as your child learns the math side of each task.

Bedtime Math is a free family app that makes math part of your daily family life by improving your child’s math achievement. It works like a bedtime story by turning math into a fun association routine for you and your kids.

The app offers a trivia problem that your child can solve with you every day because the questions are written at the middle school level. Plus, your child gets a fun fact, short story, and several questions in four difficulty levels based on age and math level.

This app is known to significantly increase children’s math scores while also helping parents reduce their own anxiety about math, which often affects children’s attitudes towards math. with the subject.

The experts at Stanford Graduate School of Education designed this free app to provide a world-class free education to everyone, anywhere.

Your child gets to learn math alongside other programs like reading, writing, problem solving and language through adorable animal characters that encourage them to think and learn.

It includes thousands of books covering common standards in math, educational activities, songs and games for children with adaptive learning paths that customize their learning experience so they can master different skills.

Lessons are well-paced so your child can learn addition, shapes, subtraction, measurement and numbers. Children can collect fun hats, bugs and toys as they learn.

SplashLearn (formerly Splash Math)

Splash Math is a math app for kids that teaches math through a fun, engaging and self-paced program. Visual learners, especially in Kindergarten and grades below elementary school, will benefit from a curriculum that aligns with the curriculum that teaches counting, measuring, dividing, basic algebra, multiplication, division, and decimals. feces.

The app also provides a work trackpad, progress dashboard, virtual rewards, and explanations for wrong answers.

Kids Math is an educational math game for kids that helps them improve their math speed by answering 10 math questions on eight levels. Each question allows your child to answer up to 30 seconds and rewards them with an additional four seconds if they get it right.

It generates questions dynamically so they will get new questions every time they play. It includes games like Kids Math Test, Sum Finder and Match Matching to train kids in math and memory.

Have fun with Math

These math apps for kids make math a fun, fun and exciting subject to learn. If your child struggles with a negative attitude towards math, any of these apps will help build their skills through games and exercises appropriate for different levels and ages. together.

Alternatively, you can play games with your child and enjoy bonding with them in the process.

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