5 best tools for tweaking Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 is a powerful platform for a number of reasons, but its main strength, and one of the main strengths of Windows since its inception, is the degree of customization it opens up to users. Windows is far ahead of macOS in what it will allow you to do.

The only thing you need to change and adjust Install Windows 10 and looks are the right tools. The good news is that there are many different options, but not all of them are safe. Here is a list of the best, virus-free tools for tweaking Windows 10 settings.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 is one of the most popular and powerful customizable Windows 10 tweaking tools available. For starters, it’s completely portable – you don’t need to install it to use it. If you want to carry it with you on a flash drive, you can. It is only 750 KB or so in size.

It has 200 built-in tweaks including customization options, performance, security and privacy, browser, etc. Its functionality is not limited to customization either. Ultimate Windows Tweaker acts as a powerful security tool. You can turn off telemetry, Cortana, and a bunch of other ways that can be used to access data.

There’s even a search feature that makes it easy to find specific edits. From the home screen, you can edit the Windows System Image, run the file checker utility, and more. For a completely free tool, Ultimate Windows Tweaker offers more utilities than many paid options.

AdvancedRun is a tweaking application produced by NirSoft. It allows you to change the way you run specific programs, including changing the priority between low and high, the state of the main window, and running the program with different user rights.

When you have changed settings however you want, you can save them as config files and run the program this way all the time. You can also run the program in specific compatibility modes (a big boon for those looking to play games that aren’t supported on the current version of Windows.)

AdvancedRun is supported on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. It also runs on earlier versions of Windows, although some installations are not supported on Windows XP and earlier.

Rainmeter is a full-featured desktop customization tool that allows users to change more settings about the look and feel of their desktop than Windows does by default. Its main function is to display custom interfaces on the desktop, from hardware usage meters to music visualization tools.

Rainmeter requires a small download but uses few resources in the background. This means you’ll see little or no impact on your performance, even with a complex skin. The level of customization means you can move the start menu, show the icon bar in different positions, etc.

Over the past few years, Rainmeter has grown in popularity and a community has built up that has created even more skins. This is a better time than ever to get in on the show. While it won’t offer as much utility as the others on this list, it has the ultimate aesthetic potential.

TweakNow PowerPack is a powerful set of customization options that modify the way Windows works. It makes it easy to tweak the operating system thanks to the layout of the application. From the main screen, you can quickly customize a number of settings, such as cleaning up the Windows Registry, temporary files, traces from web browsers, etc.

There is a miscellaneous set of tools that allow you to change the time the system shuts down, optimize your RAM, and gather more detailed information about processes running in the background. In other words, it allows you to tweak settings and speed up your PC.

The built-in Windows Cleaner tool is equally useful. It allows you to clean and defrag the registry, completely remove files from your drive, manage programs that start automatically at startup, analyze your drive, etc.

TweakNow PowerPack is free, but there is a premium version that provides free access to all future versions of the tool.

Folder Mark is a more specialized tool than the others on this list. It allows you to change the color of file folders in Windows and assign different levels of importance to each color. You can also assign specific symbols such as arrows, clocks, or more to indicate the purpose of the folder.

It’s a completely free app. It’s simple and does a single task, but it’s also one of the few apps on the web that lets you change the look and feel of folders, including Network Folders to customize your LAN.

Specify folders based on low, normal, or high priority, as well as the type of work within them. Work done, started or just planned? Set aside a specific folder for each.

Want to customize Windows 10 to your liking? Try one of these five apps. Each of these Windows 10 tweaking tools serves a slightly different purpose, even if there’s a bit of overlap – but between these five tools, you can change almost anything about how Windows works.

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