2 Discord filtering bots to block bad words

Owning a Discord server can be both a blessing and a curse. Otherwise, it’s a free text and VoIP service that you and a few friends can use to communicate with each other, be it in-game or otherwise.

On the other hand, it can turn out to be a community bursting with different personalities, some of which may not be afraid to say whatever and everything is on their mind. Much of the rest of the community, who may not find it as culturally rich as one believes, will disappoint the rest of the community.

Profanity and behavior are nothing new to the online community, especially in the gaming environment. Racial profanities and hate speech can almost be seen as the norm when dealing with keyboard warriors who claim that anonymity grants them immunity.

As the owner, you have to control the chat environment, make sure the people in your community are comfortable, and continue to help it grow. So when it comes to banning “slander” in Discord, well, there’s a Discord filtering bot for that.

Bots Discord Filter Blocks “Bad Words”

You may have noticed that Discord has a built-in Pornography Filter, so why would you need a bot to do the job? You must understand that the integration should never be used to block certain words from a conversation. Instead, it only censors or filters out images and videos that may not be considered unsafe for work (NSFW).

That’s a great start as images can contain profanity and profanity, but it doesn’t save your conversation from frequent swear words. What you will need is a Discord filtering bot to filter out any profanity that you consider unwelcome in your community.

Bots filter obscene discord

There are many great Discord filters available that will remove any and all profanity that has been put on the “bad word blacklist”. Most similar bots will usually come with a variety of other functions that you might find useful for a growing Discord community.

We’ve gone ahead and provided two of the more popular Discord filter bots, Nightbot and Dyno, which you’ll find contain both profanity filters and other community support functions. We’ll detail the bot’s content, how you can download and set it up, and how to use the profanity filter option provided.

Nightbot for Discord

Anyone currently active on Twitch.tv will be familiar with this bot. Whether you’ve heard of it or are currently using it, Nightbot is one of the better bots you can get for not only filtering profanity, but for many other functions as well.

It offers a variety of chat commands and auto-censorship tools for use with your Twitch and YouTube channels and Discord server.

You can use their blacklist feature where you can add any inappropriate words or phrases that you want to filter out from your chat. It is also capable of preventing spamming of excessive symbols, emojis, capital letters, links, copypasta and other major annoyances your chat community may encounter.

Nightbot was originally designed for use with streamer chat, so to get it for your Discord server you’ll need a Twitch.tv or YouTube account. You will also need a Nightbot account also.

Once you have these set up, you can then integrate your Nightbot account with your Discord account and add it to your server.

  • Log in to your Nightbot account via your Twitch or YouTube account and navigate to Integration navigation. We will be using a Twitch account for this tutorial.
  • In Discord, click Link to establish a connection between Nightbot and your Discord account. You will be prompted to sign in to Discord if you are not already signed in.
  • In the new window, click Authority to enable integration.
  • A new pop-up will appear letting you know that Nightbot is ready to join a server. Click Join the server at the top right.
  • Another authorization window will pop up. Select the server you want Nightbot to integrate and then click Authority button.
    • You can also choose which permissions to grant Nightbot on that server. In general, bots require loads of permissions to work properly, so I’ll leave the selected ones as they are.
  • Get reCAPTCHA by clicking I’m not a robot box and complete the process.
  • The next window will depend on the account (Twitch or YouTube) you used to log into Nightbot. Since we’re using Twitch, you’ll be asked to set up roles for Discord that correspond to the roles in your Twitch channel. Fill in if you want and click Update when done, then close the window.
    • Nightbot will need to be set as a moderator for it to work on Discord.
  • From the menu on the left, click Filter the icon is taken to SPAM . protection Windows.
  • Click Option to the right of Blacklisted words/phrases filter.
    • Should be enabled by default. If not, click Allow first button.
  • Type in all the words and phrases you want Nightbot to filter from your Discord (and Twitch) chats Black list Open Text.
    • You can also define how long you want to timeout anyone using the words you’ve added to the list, and any roles you feel are exempt from the penalty.
  • When you’re done, click Submit button.

Nightbot will now filter all the words and phrases you’ve added to the Blacklist, from your Discord chat channels. People who use profanity found on the Black List will be punished according to the time period you set.


Dyno is a fully customizable multipurpose Discord filtering bot with an intuitive and easy to use web dashboard. Dynobot comes with an anti-spam/auto-censorship filter which is extremely useful for removing profanities from your Discord chats.

  • Log in to the homepage using your Discord account credentials.
  • Once clicked, you’ll get the very familiar authorization dialog. Select your server and press Authority button.
  • inside Server Management select the server to which you want to add Dynobot and complete the process.
  • From the Server Dashboard, scroll down Modules section and activate Automod. Then click SETTING.
  • Click through the Prohibited Words tab and enter the words and phrases that require filtering. When done, press Update.
  • A default list of forbidden words has been set up. Add more if needed.
  • Switch back to the Settings tab. Here you can set up how Dynobot handles the use of anyone uttering profanity in the chat.
    • This includes a automation functionality for anyone using one of the filtered words, entering ALL CAPTCHAs, creating duplicate text and SPAM in bulk.

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