16 Easy and Fun Google Photos Tips and Tricks

Google Photos is a good cloud storage option for your photos, even when its days of unlimited storage are over. The 15GB of free online storage you get with your Google account is now shared across several apps like Gmail and Google Drive.

Unlike apps like DropBox, Google Photos is also very useful for quick photo editing. You can use filters and other editing tools, and then share your work on social networks. Take advantage of all the tips and tricks below to get the most out of Google Photos.

1. Create Movies, Collages and Animations

You may have noticed that sometimes Google automatically creates collages and animations from your photos, but you can create them yourself whenever you want. Explore the Google Photos section called Utilities. That’s where you can create new movies, animations, or collages.

Film There may be a soundtrack, and you can control how long each photo appears. When you choose images for a Collages, Google will automatically arrange them into a single image for you. To create a animated gifchoose Cartoon.

2. Search logically

Search by specific people, places, objects, and dates by typing in the search bar at the top of the desktop website or the bottom of the mobile app.

3. Label People & Pets

inside Discover section of Google Photos, in People & Pets, you’ll see a series of photos of people and pets in your photo. Select one without a label and enter their name. You will then be able to search for their images by name.

Choose your name and see all your selfies and photos over the years. Create a slideshow and see how you’ve changed!

4. Search with Emojis

You can even search with emojis when using the Google Photos mobile app.

5. Add background blur

Google One members and Pixel owners can use Blur portrait intelligently blur the background of people’s photos. Google just announced that these users will also soon be able to blur the background of other photos.

6. Hide Location Information

When you take a photo with your device, location information may be saved with the image. To prevent location information from being shared with your photos, go to Photo Settings > Location > Location source > Camera settings and transform Save location arrive Turn off Position.

7. Download all your photos

Google offers a relatively easy way to download all your photos at once using Google Takeout. Google Takeout is also a great way to export or download all Gmail emails.

8. See the original while you’re editing

When editing a photo in the app, long-press the photo to view the original photo. In the browser, click and hold the edited photo to view the original image.

9. Add old photos with PhotoScan

Use Google’s PhotoScan app (for Android and Iphone) to scan old picture better than just taking a photo. It scans old photos (or documents) from multiple angles to reduce glare. Let’s preserve those old photos for posterity!

10. Not just for Android phones

iPhone users can also enjoy Google Photos. Download Google Photos App for iOS.

11. Cast your screen to your TV

If you’re using Google Photos on your Android device, you can share photos with everyone in the room by cast your screen to another devicelike a television.

12. Space saving

Deleting photos isn’t the only way to save space in your Google Photos account. Compress high-quality photos so you free up space and don’t exceed the dreaded photo storage limit. In the Google Photos app, select your profile picture in the top right corner.

Then choose Photo settings > Backup and Sync > Upload Size. That’s where you can choose to back up your photos in their original quality or slightly reduce the quality of the uploaded photos.

13. Share photos and albums

There are many sharing options inside Google Photos. Share individual images or entire albums with specific people, or create a link that anyone can use. If you add more photos to a shared album, the people you’ve shared the album with (or people with the link) will be able to see the new photos you add to the album.

When you share photos from within the Google Photos app, you’ll see options to share via Google Photos or other messaging apps and social networks.

14. Create a photo book

While digital photos are great, it’s also great if you have something physical that you can hold in your hand. On the desktop site, select Print shop to bring together your best photos into a photo book. In the app, select Than icon (three dots) and select Order photos. You can create photo books, order prints, or create canvas prints. These are great gifts, especially for parents and grandparents.

15. Use locked folders for better security

To move the photos on your device to a locked folder, select Than symbol and Move to locked folder. Moving an image to a locked folder means that the image will be hidden from other areas of Google Photos and other apps on your device. Photos will not be backed up or shared and will be deleted if you uninstall Google Photos.

16. Turn on Backup & Sync

As soon as you install the Google Photos mobile app on your phone, you’ll be prompted to enable Backup and sync. This feature automatically saves new photos and videos when you’re on the internet, which is great if you don’t have a lot of storage space on your device. Then you’ll always be able to find your images and videos in your Google Photos library. You can set it to backup and sync only when you’re connected to wi-fi.

If you’re an iPhone user and have backed up your photos to iCloud, then Google’s Backup & Sync feature is a great second line of defense. In the app, tap your profile picture and select Photo settings > Backup and Sync.

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