14 Best Android Apps to Sell Your Used Content Locally (2022)

Garage discounts aren’t the only way to sell items locally. Thanks to the digital age, there are many mobile apps that allow you to sell in your area. These apps range from simple categorization that lists items for potential buyers to tailored online marketplaces that allow you to sell anything.

What is the best selling app for used or used items? Let’s find out together.

1. eBay

eBay Probably the most famous app for selling unwanted items online. All you have to do is post photos of your items and set a favorable price; eBay will take care of the rest. Buyers can pay with Paypal or credit card, creating a hassle-free experience.

2. Facebook Market

Facebook Marketplace is a bit funny. On the one hand, it offers a little more than glorified classifieds, leaving the payment and shipping details to you. On the other hand, Facebook’s vast reach means it’s easy to find buyers locally, which makes shipping items simple.

3. OfferUp

Offer up is one of the newer apps in this space and offers a much smoother experience than most of the others. You can only upload photos of your items to receive offers from interested buyers. You also don’t need to limit local sales, as nationwide shipping is also available.

4. Letgo

Most sales apps charge some fee after each successful transaction. If you’re looking to avoid sales fees and meet local buyers yourself, then Let’s go Just the app for you. It simply gives you a platform to advertise your products and chat with buyers, who you can then sell to them directly.

5. Craigslist CPlus

Craigslist gets a lousy rap for being jumbled up with useless ads, but new CPlus Apps are a great way to sell items online. With an improved user interface and a notification feature that alerts the user when a new item is listed, it will help you sell much faster.

6. Decluttr

Finding local buyers interested in your second hand can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be much better if a service that directly buys your used items, helps you clean your house?

That’s exactly what is appropriately named Decluttr is all about. Instead of posting classifieds for sale locally, you scan the barcodes of your electronic items to get an instant quote. Prepaid shipping labels help you deliver the items and you get paid by the app, just like that.

7. Traces

When you think about old stuff, things like videoo games or old electronics often come to mind. But what has a better resale value and you can use it faster is clothing. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can create a pile of unwieldy clothes and bags that you can sell on. Mark to earn more money.

Like Decluttr, Poshmark offers prepaid shipping labels to help you ship products to buyers and process payments as well. After deducting the listing fee from the sale, Poshmark will transfer the funds to you by check or direct deposit to your bank account.

8. Etsy

It is difficult to get good value on vintage or handcrafted products. Instead of trying to find a suitable buyer on social media, you should list them on a platform specifically designed for those goods.

enter Etsy. An e-commerce site that focuses on vintage and handmade items, it allows sellers to set up their store and start selling. If you have a lot of such items or know someone who makes them, this can be a good side for you to earn extra money.

9. Mercari

Another similar platform with Poshmark, Mercari allows you to sell light used clothing and fashion accessories online. Its main advantage over other apps is lower transaction fees; Mercari only gets 10% on every sale instead of the 20% you see in Poshmark.

10. ThredUP

ThredUP is a great app to clean up your old stuff. This is because even if you have things that don’t actually sell, ThredUP will take them and donate them to you. Selling through ThredUP works a little differently than most other resale apps.

Instead of taking pictures and listing the items you want to part with, you ask for a “cleanup kit.” This cleanup kit is basically a bag in which you can keep all your items, along with a prepaid shipping label for easier shipping. You then leave the bag at a USPS or FedEx office. ThredUP pays for any item of value to sell, while recycling or donating the rest.

11. NextDoor

Another app that gives you the option to give away items in addition to selling them, Next door is a great app to find local buyers. Listings appear in the news feed of people within a certain radius around your location, ensuring that buyers won’t regret it. Like any other classifieds app, you have to deal with the payment details directly.

12. Tradesy

With most second hand items, you’ll be lucky to find a buyer. However, when it comes to selling luxury items, you’re almost guaranteed a good price. Tradesy is an E-Commerce platform geared towards the resale of high-end fashion, facilitating deliveries and returns to make the process seamless for both parties.

All you have to do is set up a Tradesy “wardrobe” of designer brands and upload a few photos. The app will clean up images and post products online, giving you a prepaid shipping label when the item goes on sale. The proceeds can be withdrawn by debit card, Paypal or even direct bank transfer.

13. Vinted

Only available in some countries, Vinted is another app for selling clothes and accessories. It accepts other categories as toys, so the box of toys lying around is fair game. When departing from such other sites, transaction fees are charged to the buyer, not the seller, making listing your product on Vinted completely free.

14. Chairish

So far we have reviewed most of the websites that sell used clothing and electronics. But what about high-end vintage furniture pieces? Old school furniture – or decor – has a good resale value, so giving it up for a catchy piece at a yard sale isn’t the best idea.

That’s where Chairish As a curated site for luxury home decor and furniture, Chairish is a great platform to sell antique furniture sets and get great prices. Buyers can use the company’s iPhone app to get a feel for how products will look in their homes, a feature that’s unfortunately currently only available on iOS devices.

What’s the best way to sell your used items locally?

The best way to sell any of your second hand items depends on the items mentioned. As you might expect, valuable items with good resale value can be sold through niche e-commerce channels, while you can offload everyday things through local listings. direction.

So you will have two separate categories of sales apps. Specialized fashion or luxury marketplaces like Tradesy or Poshmark help you get great prices on your designer clothes, while generic categorization apps like OfferUp or Craigslist CPlus let you create listings and results Direct connection with local people.

No matter which method you decide to use, you should always get rid of unused things to free up space and make more money.

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