13 typing games for kids to learn to type faster

In today’s digital world, it is essential that children know how to type. Even in elementary school, technology is the norm with most children having at least one affordable laptop to use.

However, learning to type quickly is not a chore. Here are 13 free typing games for kids to kick-start their typing skills while having fun.

TypeRush is one of many typing games for kids. First, the game offers the child a series of sentences to copy.

The faster and more accurate they knock, the faster the racing car advances on the track. There is also an option to compete and rank among a group of global typists.

More fancy cars are unlocked as the kid enters faster and wins more points.

In collaboration with teachers, TypeTastic has created a colorful and fun typing game for kids.

Designed for children of all ages, TypeTastic plays in a specific order. As kids build their typing speed skills, they move on to the next level. TypeTastic offers different levels of games for kids from kindergarten to high school.

Alpha Munchies is a free typing game for elementary school kids.

Kids can start as beginners and work their way up to expert level gameplay. The goal of Alpha Munchies is to hit the flying and hungry alpha creatures before they land and gnaw the food by typing the correct letter above them.

Key Seeker is a good selection of typing games for preschoolers and younger.

This game is a matching and interactive tool that helps young children recognize the letters on the keyboard. It teaches them to use the correct hands to type using color-coded letters.

Dance Mat Typing helps kids of all ages learn and improve their typing skills in a 12-step program.

Using cute characters and engaging obstacles, Dance Mat Typing starts slowly for kids. It teaches them precise positioning and typing techniques and challenges them to take them to the next level.

Kids receive a printable reward certificate for passing a level in this free typing game.

Pro tips: For parents who are worried about their kids accessing the internet to any website while using these educational tools on SmartPhone, try one of these child monitoring apps.

Type-a-Balloon is a fun typing game for kids, perfect for all ages.

The goal is to pop the balloons before they move. To pop the balloon, children must type the correct letter on it.

The game informs children that typing an incorrect letter will cause them to lose points.

The strategy of this free typing game is to hit the right keys at the right time.

Since Type Type Revolution focuses on identification and timing skills, it is best suited for older children who want to improve their typing speed.

To start the game, children choose one of ten songs. The goal of this typing game is to type the correct letter before it reaches the top row of letters.

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface lie a multitude of adventures, treasures, and dangers. The faster children type, the more they can explore.

Keyman moves through the maze eating the dots before the colorful ghosts catch him. Children navigate Keyman by typing the different letters that appear above, below, and on either side of the dot.

Every time a letter is entered, the navigation changes. It’s such a fun game that kids don’t even realize they’re learning how to improve their typing skills.

The goal of this free typing game is to type text on the box to help Ninja defeat the monster.

The game’s many difficulty levels make it suitable for children of all ages. Each child begins with three lives.

For each monster that a child does not defeat, one life is lost. If all three lives are lost, so is the game. Defeat all the monsters to win the game.

The Typing of the Ghosts is another free typing game designed for older kids.

This is a useful game for kids who want to increase their typing speed. The goal of the game is to type a word as quickly as possible before the ghosts in the background reach you.

Every child begins with five lives. However, if a child is not fast enough, a ghost can take one in five lives.

There is no timer in this game. So it’s fun and suitable for kids who are just learning the alphabet.

In Keyboard Climber 2, a monkey is trapped in a cave. The player helps the monkey jump onto the stone platforms. They do this by recognizing letters on the screen.

Each letter that is typed correctly gives the monkey a bunch of bananas. If the child types the wrong letter, a coconut falls on the monkey’s head and the level will start over.

Chef Typing is a free typing game where kids are apprenticed to work for a master chef.

This typing game is best suited for older children who already have some typing experience. Children start the game with five lives in an entry-level job.

Typing Chef measures the speed and time as kids complete higher-level kitchen chores by typing words before they move to the top of the screen.

The goal of Alphabet Shoot is to pass as many levels as possible out of thirty in total.

To go to the next level, kids have to aim and shoot by moving the mouse and clicking on the right letter.

Speed ​​is determined by how long the child holds the letter key before releasing it. There is a limit to the number of pictures allowed per letter.

Make learning fun with free typing games for kids

If learning is fun and online educational tool You use well-built, kids are more likely to want to learn. Colorful animations and fun typing games for kids will help kids of all ages learn to master the keyboard and improve their typing speed.

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