11 Best Free Horror Games on Steam

The looming jumps, the eerie landscapes, the unseen enemies are all lurking for you — nothing keeps you in your chair like a horror video game. Steam has a ton of horror games, and many of the best are free.

If you want to settle down for a night and play some scary games but don’t have the money to buy a new one, we’ve put together a list of the best and scariest free horror games you can get. download on Steam. See how long you can spend on these games and then maybe play something more comfortable so you can sleep easily that night.

Steam offers many games related to SCP (Security, Containment, Protect), but this is the best one. If you are not aware of the SCP universe, it is a fictional science fiction universe where beings or objects that violate the laws of nature are concealed by the SCP Foundation.

The Secret Lab takes place during a containment breach by Chaos Insurgency, a group that seeks to free potentially dangerous entities captured at one of the SCP Foundation’s sites. In the game, you can play as a number of different characters who played a role in the breach, including Foundation security, scientists, laboratory rat prisoners known as the D-Class, members of Chaos Insurgency etc. It’s a great first person horror game and one of the best out there.

This game is like a horror version of Pac-man — if you can see it from a first-person perspective and the monsters chase you, it’s a nightmare. In Dark Deception, you are trapped in a maze full of traps and have nowhere to hide. Your only hope of survival is to find a way out and avoid the monsters that come looking for you.

These monsters look pretty ridiculous – by design – and make the game feel more like a dark horror comedy than anything. However, you will have to think fast to survive long in this game and you will definitely get a lot of jumps along the way.

Created in honor of George Romero’s iconic horror film Dawn of the Dead, this game features a one-of-a-kind zombie experience. You play as one of the few survivors of a zombie takeover and must team up with others to survive. Of course, the game involves killing zombies but also strategizing with your team to stay alive and solve puzzles.

If you are looking for a fun zombie game, No More Room In Hell is a perfect choice.

This game, by all means, looks 100% innocent on the surface. When you first start this seemingly typical anime visual novel game, you’ll wonder why it’s classified as horror. But the further you go, the more things don’t seem right until the true nature of the game slaps you in the face.

The Doki Doki Literary Club is not for the faint of heart, as it deals with disturbing content and slowly grows more and more chaotic until the entire game falls apart. Literally. The game can end in many ways, so choose your path wisely.

You play as a young man exploring a Scandinavian city when nightmarish creatures descend upon him. You need to try your best to survive, as well as find out what is real and what is fake. This game started out simply as a mod for Half-Life but has evolved into its own game. Cry of Fear can be played in both single-player and co-op modes, so if you’re a little scared to play it all on your own, you can always meet up with some friends to beat the eerie atmosphere together. this strange, scary.

Deceit is a first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game with an unsettling twist. You wake up in a room with a bunch of other players and are told that a third of them have a virus, causing them to kill others. If you play as an innocent, it is your duty to stay alert to find out who in the group is the infected player. If you get infected, you need to kill the others and make sure the activity goes undetected.

As you play, you’ll get clues to determine which side other players are on and vote for suspicious ones. Deception is an entertaining and suspenseful psychological thriller.

Whether you’re a fan of HP Lovecraft’s classic horror stories or not, this game creates an unforgettable horror atmosphere that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Based on the story created by Lovecraft as part of his Cthulu mythology, this game is a completely honest adaptation but well worth playing whether you’ve read it or not.

Dagon is a narrative and relatively short game with about 30 minutes of gameplay. Still, it’s a beautiful experience that perfectly evokes the sense of cosmic horror that Lovecraft has made famous.

Tiny Bunny is a series of episodic games and you can play the prologue for free. The game combines supernatural horror and psychological suspense to create a disturbing yet engaging experience.

Another great aspect of the game is its art. Even though it’s all black and white, it’s both beautiful and eerie and helps push the story forward. If you enjoyed this opening, the subsequent volumes in the series are relatively inexpensive. If you tend to like indie games, you’ll want to try Tiny Bunny.

As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Dead Frontier 2 puts you between the experience of a zombie outbreak and an open-world experience. You can work with other players to survive in the in-game world, trade and scavenge the materials you need. Or, you can play alone and confront the zombie invasion in your own way. Overall, this is a great choice for an immersive survival horror game.

Backroom started off as an online urban legend, saying that there are several places in the world where you can escape reality and enter the world of Backroom. This is an alternate dimension consisting of small spaces – areas where you are switching between destinations, giving the eerie sense of where you are and everywhere at the same time.

In this game, you explore the world of Backroom while hiding from a creature that is watching you and doing your best not to go crazy.

In this escape room horror game, you are caught in a time loop on an abandoned space station and must find your way out. This is a single player game, which means you need to solve puzzles and find your own way to escape.

We Went Back is only a game of about 30-50 minutes, but it is a game worth playing and completely free.

Stay awake at night with these free horror games

For gamers looking for something more spooky to play, these horror titles are some of the best you can find as free games. Many of them offer horror experiences on par with existing paid games. Try them out for yourself and see how long you can last.

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