10 best tools for MP3 tagging and metadata editing

Usually, when you download music from unofficial sources, it has no metadata and no album art. Metadata can also be lost due to many other reasons, such as when you convert your file from one format to another but the converter doesn’t implement the necessary tags.

This metadata is actually what allows music player apps to organize your files. When your files lack this information, they remain unorganized and make it difficult to filter through your files.

One of the ways to fix the problem is edit MP3 metadata of your files. This way you can add the missing information in each of your music files and make them searchable using different filters. There are many applications for tagging MP3s, and you can use any of them to edit a file’s metadata and add missing information.

MusicBrainz Picard is a cross-platform open source tool that allows you to easily add metadata to music files that are missing them. It supports most of the existing music file formats and so your file doesn’t have to be in MP3 format for metadata editing.

It uses something called AcoustID to help it identify your music files by their content and not their other meta fields. So even if your MP3 has no data available, you can use this tool to add the missing information.

MP3Tag is a popular application for tagging MP3s and it also supports batch processing. That means if you have some music files on your computer without any metadata, you can load them all into this tool and let it find and add the necessary metadata for friend.

It searches various online databases for the necessary information and album art and adds that information to your file. It even allows you rename your MP3 files based on card information.

Frigate3 is really a file manager but it also has many other features. One of these features allows you to view and edit MP3 metadata. Basically, you need to navigate to the folder where your MP3 files are located, click on any of them and you have a window open in the right hand pane to add the missing information.

Besides allowing you to edit MP3 metadata, it also allows you to view other information such as MP3 bitrate and frame number.

If there are some MP3 files that you want to add metadata to, GodFather can help you do that easily using its batch processing mode. It supports different tag formats even for non-MP3 files, helps to update all tags at once, allows you to use matrix instead, and also allows you to remove all tags at once. a while, if you want to do it.

This tool is suitable for those who want to update the metadata of several MP3 files at once. It makes the job a lot easier for you.

ID3 Tag Editor is a Unicode supported application for MP3 tagging and you can use it to add missing metadata values ​​to your files in various languages. It also allows you add cover art to your MP3 files still embedded in the main file itself.

Other features include the ability to add custom comments to your files, remove all tags at once, and compatibility with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Most applications that allow you to edit MP3 metadata use manual methods to perform the task. Music Tag is not like those apps and allows you to automatically download and add missing metadata to your music files. To use the app, basically all you need to do is give it your MP3 files and it will download the necessary information and add it to all your MP3 files.

This way it’s faster than other apps and gets the job done in no time. Also, it recognizes more than 35 million tracks and chances are your files are included here.

If you like Excel spreadsheets, you’ll love the TigoTago app for tagging your MP3. It uses a spreadsheet-like format to allow you to edit and add new information to your MP3 files. Any changes you make to your file will be visible to you before they are actually applied to your file.

It is convenient for bulk tagging tasks and requires almost no import since most of the data is fetched from an online database.

EasyTAG is a feature-rich program for both Linux and Windows that helps you edit the metadata of your audio files. It allows you to view, read, and edit any part of the metadata for your files. You can also apply a single change to all your MP3 files at once.

It has an easy to use interface and is available in multiple languages.

Kid3 is both an MP3 metadata editor and a tag converter to help you convert your tags into multiple formats. You can use it to tag most audio file formats including MP3, generate tags from filenames, and import data from online databases to add to your files.

It also comes with a command line interface to help you use it from the Command Prompt window and automate some of its tasks.

Metatogger helps you edit existing tags in your MP3 files and remove any junk content in these tags. When starting to use the application, you can switch to manual mode or with C# scripts to speed up the process. It also allows you to sort your files by their tag content, which is something not offered by many other tag editors.

It identifies your music files using audio fingerprinting technology and downloads the necessary data from various online databases.

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